Who is Heather Webber on General Hospital?

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A Quick Glance On Heather Webber

Heather is a wonderful fictitious lady in an American TV series. She is an antagonist on the ABC soap opera General Hospital.

Despite having been performed by several actors, Robin Mattson is the artist best recognized for creating her.

A Tale Of Heather Webber

Nurse Diana Taylor hires the cunning 19-year-old, Heather Grant, to care for her minor daughter Martha. Heather, who comes from a lower-class household, used deception to achieve her goals. 

Heather sent a bogus letter of recommendation since she wanted the job so badly. She focuses on Jeff, the spouse of Dr. Monica Webber. Heather consoles Jeff after he and Monica argue, and they spend the night together.

Heather discovers she is pregnant after Jeff vanishes without a trace. Jeff attempts suicide before finding out Heather is expecting. To gain Jeff’s attention, Heather pretends to commit suicide. 

However, Heather ultimately decided she didn’t want the child because Jeff wouldn’t leave Monica. She refuses Jeff’s plea for an abortion and sells the kid to Diana and Peter for $10,000. She shares her ideas with Alice, her mother.

Heather borrowed $500 from Jeff and relocated to NY to become a well-known model. Mrs. Hadley’s landlord makes arrangements for the Taylors to adopt their son while keeping Heather’s identity a secret. 

Who is Heather Webber on General Hospital
Who is Heather Webber on General Hospital?

Heather only receives $1,800 of the $10,000 when Mrs. Hadley and a lawyer take their place. Heather tells Jeff the baby was stillborn. Jeff makes a marriage proposal to make up for her loss.

After their return to Port Charles, Heather starts spending a lot of time with Peter “PJ” Taylor Jr., Heather’s son and the new son of the Taylors. 

In 1978, Heather overdid it with the amount of time she spent with PJ. Her parents released her because they thought her infatuation was unhealthy. Heather keeps having private visits with her son. 

Meanwhile, Heather and Jeff are married but don’t spend much time together because Jeff is working long hours to become a licensed doctor. Heather is still depressed even after finding out she is pregnant once more. 

To get Diana Taylor mad in 1979 so she could get custody of her kid, Heather enlisted the help of her ex-husband Larry Joe Baker. Due to Heather’s manipulations, Diana increasingly relies on Heather to assist with PJ. 

Later, Heather had Larry Joe buy LSD, which she slipped into Diana’s drink. Heather, however, unwittingly consumes the medication when tiny PJ muddles the glasses.

Diana thought she would lose PJ if she didn’t marry Jeff while Heather was gone since Alice had come to watch her daughter’s tricks. Jeff felt compelled to have Heather admitted to Pine Circle Sanitarium when she started experiencing hallucinations. 

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In 1980, Heather broke out of her illusion, pretended to be catatonic, and eluded capture at Forest Hills Sanitarium.

When Heather went to Jeff, she learned he had fallen for Anne Logan. So, she went back to Forest Hills. 

During one of her outings, Scott Baldwin, who was distraught about his impending divorce from Laura Webber, encountered her. At Kelly’s Diner, the two had a one-night stand that gave rise to their son, Franco. Heather concealed her pregnancy and never revealed it to Scott. After his birth, she sold her kid to a nurse named Betsy Frank.

In 1981, Heather pretended to be hysterical to persuade Rick and Lesley, Jeff’s brother and sister-in-law, to send Heather back to Forest Hills. Heather then started working to assassinate Diana and blamed Anne for it. She fled with a revolver to discover Jeff in bed with Diana. 

Burt Ramsey, the police chief, finds that Diana was killed by a different gun and accuses Heather.

It quickly becomes apparent that Alice killed Diana by mistake while attempting to stop Diana from murdering Heather. Heather persuades Susan Moore, a cousin of Alan Quartermaine, to pursue the Quartermaine inheritance for her little son Jason in the summer of 1982. Heather was disappointed when Susan and Scott started dating.

In December 1982, Heather convinced Susan to raise Jason. But, Heather’s plans are quickly discovered by Susan, who then persuades Scott to marry her to prevent Heather from receiving a single penny from Jason’s million-dollar trust fund. 

Soon after learning that Heather and Scott were coworkers, Susan forbids Scott from receiving any payment. Heather joins up with Jimmy Lee Holt, an illegitimate Quartermaine, after Susan is killed to get custody of Jason, but she ultimately loses this struggle against the Quartermaines.

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