General Hospital Spoilers August 17: Molly and TJ’s surrogate dilemma, and Dante’s insights

Prepare for a riveting episode of General Hospital on Thursday, August 17, as the drama in Port Charles escalates to new heights. With secrets and emotions running high, the characters are set to navigate a web of challenges that could alter the course of their lives.

From risky tactics to heartfelt conversations, fans can expect a rollercoaster of emotions as the residents of Port Charles confront their pasts and make decisions that could shape their futures.

Let’s delve into the intriguing spoilers that await in this episode, promising intense moments that will keep viewers on the edge of their seats.

Molly and TJ’s Surrogate Dilemma

Following their meeting with Andrea, TJ, and Molly will have the chance to discuss whether they support her as a potential surrogate. There will be a huge announcement from Molly soon!

Since the meeting will go so well, it appears that Molly and TJ will agree to use Andrea as the basis for their family. However, TJ and Molly will soon provide some upbeat updates on some major news.

Of course, there may still be some obstacles as the process continues. More than ever, Molly and TJ will be thrilled to welcome their first child.

Keep an eye out because, according to General Hospital spoilers, Port Charles is about to experience some significant developments.

Brook Lynn’s Unconventional Approach

Is not the proverb “In vino, veritas” true? When Brook Lynn uses alcohol to try and coax Tracy into telling the truth, it is obvious she is hoping it works!

Tracy will be made to drink by Brook Lynn in the hopes that the alcohol will make Tracy’s grandmother’s lips more pliable.

Brook Lynn may believe that using alcohol to coerce information from Tracy will be successful given that Tracy has a covert partner and some dubious plans at Deception.

Dante’s Insights and Cody’s Suspicion

Cody is aware of Dante’s ways because they have been friends for a while. Brook Lynn will concur that it sounds like something fishy is going on once Cody informs her of the reasons for his suspicions.

General Hospital Spoilers August 17: Molly and TJ's surrogate dilemma, and Dante's insights
General Hospital Spoilers August 17

Cody might become even more convinced that Ferncliff is not the best place for Sasha and might even begin planning an escape for her. Martin appears to be pondering whether Cyrus is certain that his decision to give all of his money away was the right one.

Cyrus will only need proof that Martin complied with his request since he is certain that the money will be used to fund a program for prisoner rehabilitation.

Finn and Elizabeth’s heart-to-heart

Will the most recent conversation between Finn and Elizabeth make it clear where they stand once and for all? Elizabeth will check in with Hamilton while Valentin is being questioned and worries that perhaps he is having second thoughts about their brand-new romantic beginning.

Fortunately, it appears that Finn and Elizabeth will continue to share the same perspective regarding pursuing a future together and handling any challenges that arise.

What to discuss? An interesting take

As soon as Mason made Ava and Austin include Nanny Betty in the discussion, the situation at least became a little clearer because Avery’s caregiver was tasked with learning more about Sonny and his affiliation with the much-discussed Pikeman group.

We have, however, known for some time that a woman was in charge of directing Mason’s actions. “Twisted” and possessing “big plans” for Austin, the unidentified woman was described. As a result, numerous theories about the identity of the “Lady Boss” were developed.

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