Who is Emma on General Hospital? GH Youngest Star Shines Brightly!

General Hospital, an ABC daytime soap opera, has a character named Emma Grace Scorpio-Drake. She is the little girl of Dr. Patrick Drake and his significant other, Dr. Robin Scorpio-Drake. On-screen, she was born in 2008. Actress Brooklyn Rae Silzer is currently playing the character.

Emma is viewed as a miracle baby since she was born normally, despite the fact that her mom, Robin is HIV-positive and that, her dad, Patrick wasn’t affected when she was conceived.


Emma Scorpio Drake was conceived on November 4, 2008, to Dr. Patrick Drake and Dr. Robin Scorpio, who was HIV positive. Child Emma had a little cut on her ear that made her folks stress the infection would be passed to her, yet she was fine. Her relationship with her mom was rough all along. Emma and Robin struggled to connect because of Robin’s postpartum depression.

An ex of Patrick’s came to Port Charles, Lisa Niles, and she attempted to make Robin go off the deep end by hijacking Emma. The small family was content when they got back together until Robin was thought to have died in a lab explosion in 2012.


It was hard for little Emma to lose her mother, particularly when Patrick fostered a chronic drug use to manage his aggravation, however she was really focused on by family companions like Maxie Jones and Elizabeth Webber, and Robin’s folks, Anna Devane and Robert Scorpio.

Relationships and romance

Emma detested Patrick when he started dating Dr. Britt Westbourne. Sabrina Santiago, Patrick’s next girlfriend, got close to her, but when Robin came back to Port Charles alive, she was confused. Nonetheless, she awaited Sabrina’s birth of her brother and was heartbroken when he passed away after they were all involved in a car accident.

Who is Emma on General Hospital? GH Youngest Star Shines Brightly!
Who is Emma on General Hospital?

Emma was friends with a lot of the other Port Charles kids, like Josslyn Jacks, Cameron Spencer, and Spencer Cassadine, who always wanted Emma.

Patrick moved on with Sam Morgan after Emma’s father and mother made the decision to divorce. After Danny, Emma’s baby, and her family moved in, Emma became more and more close to Sam.

Emma the miracle baby

Emma is Dr. Robin Scorpio and Dr. Patrick Drake’s adorable daughter. She was brought into the world in 2008. After that, Robin has postpartum depression, though she hasn’t spoken about it in a long time.

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Dr. Lisa Niles, who was insane, and fixated on Patrick, took Emma out for frozen yogurt when Emma was 1, terrifying her folks. Robin and Emma moved in with Mac Scorpio later that year for a while to be protected. For a while, Lisa terrorized Patrick and Robin. Emma’s babysitter was Kristina for some time.

In 2012, it was believed that an explosion in a lab caused Robin’s death. Emma was difficult for Patrick to explain her death. They are still both in mourning for her. They don’t realize that she is truly alive and being held hostage someplace.

Emma’s grandparents Robert Scorpio and Anna Devane love their fantastic little girl a considerable amount. On the other side, her grandfather is Dr. Noah Drake. Her uncle is Matt Hunter. Mac probably resembles Emma’s grandfather or uncle because he raised Robin. Emma’s aunt is Maxie, who was like Robin’s sister.

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