Who is Morgan on General Hospital? Morgan Corinthos return on GH

Morgan was named after Stone Cates and Jason Morgan when he was born in 2003 to Carly and Sonny. Morgan has mostly been Michael’s adoring little brother since he was shot in 2008, which put Michael in a coma for a year. However, he has also developed a close relationship with his new stepdad, Jax.

Since Michael awakened and left the clinic, Morgan has needed just to invest energy with his older sibling, however, Michael went to live with their dad and afterward the Quartermaines.

Morgan surprised Dominic, a hitman, as he walked through the woods to visit Michael at Sonny’s house. Dominic held Morgan at gunpoint. Dominic allowed them all to leave without incident when Carly and Michael showed up. Dominic turned out to be his brother Dante, an undercover cop, in the end.

Dante worked covertly for months to eliminate the man he had no idea was his father. He and Morgan fostered a bond. The truth emerged after Sonny shot Dante. The family became very tense as a result of this and the numerous arguments that occurred between Jax and Carly. In the end, Morgan went to boarding school.

The love- triangle, and relationships

Morgan and Kiki’s relationship was revealed on May 14, 2013. Kiki’s involvement in Morgan’s gambling caused immediate opposition to their relationship. Audiences knew for sure that any future romance between Michael and Kiki would create differences between the brothers. Even though Morgan rushes Kiki into marriage and is truly in love with her, he needs to keep her away from Michael.


Morgan must keep Kiki away from Michael. Tensions rise even further when Michael’s biological father, Sean Kanan’s A. J. Quartermaine is named the main suspect in the death of Sonny’s girlfriend; Morgan wants to talk about finding A. J.’s gun right away, and Kiki wants to avoid hurting Michael. Morgan’s jealousy fuels his need for “justice.”

Who is Morgan on General Hospital
Who is Morgan on General Hospital?

A shaky Sonny chooses to uncover that Morgan knew the reality of Kiki’s paternity before he wedded her. Morgan feels embarrassed. Morgan’s entire family, including his father, played by Emmy winner Maurice Benard, will be at odds on the stage. The dropout additionally finishes in Morgan falling into bed with his mother by marriage, Ava Jerome (Maura West).

Crimes committed by Morgan

From teenage to adulthood Morgan has Kidnapped his sister Josslyn Jacks; participated in illegal online gambling; used his brother Michael’s credit card for online gambling; remained silent about his father’s role in the assault of Robert “Franco” Frank; punched his brother Michael and did not attempt to rescue him when Michael fell into the harbor; shot Max Giambetti in the chest; conspired with Lauren “Kiki”.

Casting, Bryan Craig as Morgan

Over time, a lot of actors have played Morgan Corinthos.

A show representative confirmed on April 17, 2013, the casting of Bryan Craig as Morgan, following months of fan speculation. Craig started shooting his most memorable scenes on April 15. However no authority airdate was reported, Craig’s most memorable appearance was scheduled for May 2013 on a legally binding basis. Craig later revealed to Drama Summary that he was reluctant to do a cleanser.

However, playing Morgan changed his perspective on daytime. In any case, it was his folks who persuaded him to sign a three-year contract. On the arrangement of General Clinic, Craig met his genuine sweetheart, Kelly Thiebaud, who depicts Britt Westbourne.

Craig’s departure from the show was made public in September 2016, with his last appearance coming on October 31, 2016. Craig made a guest appearance on the episode of January 17, 2018, that was about Ava’s surgery.

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