Is Jason Returning to General Hospital? Really? What happened to Harris on DOOL?

Fans might be thinking that specifically about Jason Morgan. Regarding the character’s conceivable reappearance in 2023, much rumor has been generated. The man is calm, collected, and stoic, but he has a dangerous edge. He is an absolute pro with a gun and killing bad guys.

He also enjoys wearing black T-shirts, which naturally hide a true heart of gold. You would be correct if you assumed that Jason Morgan from General Hospital is who we are referring to. Another option is Harris Michaels from Days of Our Lives.

Who is Jason Morgan?

On the General Hospital soap opera on ABC, there is a fictional character named Jason Morgan. Additionally, he has made an appearance in the General Hospital: SOAPnet spinoff series.

He was the adopted child of the late Dr. Alan Quartermaine and his mistress, Susan Moore, as well as Dr. Monica Quartermaine. He had an identical twin, Chief Drew Cain, a former Navy SEAL. Jason Morgan, the persistent bad boy with a good heart from General Hospital, is who he is.

Did Jason Morgan die in General Hospital 2023?

Jason Morgan may still be alive or may have passed away somewhere in the cosmos, but nobody is certain. Nothing would please his followers more than to see him again. On the other hand, viewers will need to watch General Hospital every day to find out what is in store for the future.

The possibility that Burton could return to General Hospital and bring Jason back to life is currently the subject of fan speculation. Nevertheless, not everyone thinks that is the direction the show should take. Some fans stated on Twitter that they did not think the character was necessary.

Steve Burton joined Days of Our Lives

In the most recent episode of the Days of Our Lives spinoff, Beyond Salem, Burton joined the cast. He returned to the Mothership in 1988 to play Harris Michaels, a role he had previously played.

The idea that he might eventually be able to bring the person over to Days was sparked by his projection. The door was left open for Harris to be found even though it might have been discovered that he was a miscreant working with Stefano DiMera’s cunning daughter.

Harris leaving DOOL; Jason’s role as Harris was not much appreciated

By luring Charlotte Ross back into the fold as Harris’ former love interest, Eve, Days of Our Lives might have been able to save him. The program could have then included old clips of her and Burton to evoke nostalgia in the audience.

Is Jason Returning to General Hospital? Really? What happened to Harris on DOOL?
Is Jason Returning to General Hospital? / Credit: ABC

Ross even suggested that a Salem homecoming might be planned back in April. But sadly, it never happened. Harris was thus abandoned once more in the void.

Is Jason Returning to General Hospital? Really?

Jason might return to General Hospital soon. Burton may be moving, though, given that Harris’ performance on DOOL is not as well-liked as Burton’s. He asked Marlena for assistance in the episode from July 6; however, it may have been the kind of assistance he can only receive at Bayview.

Harris would have the ideal chance to leave the painting if he were to be admitted for some deprogramming. Burton might go back to General Hospital after getting free to bring Jason back from the dead.

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Jason Morgan – FAQs

Who is Jason Morgan on General Hospital?

On General Hospital, an ABC soap opera, Jason Morgan is a made-up character. He is best known for being portrayed by Daytime Emmy Award-winning actor Steve Burton, who joined the cast in 1991 and left the role in 2012. He was created by Thom Racina and Leah Laiman. Burton later played the part again between 2017 and 2021.

Who is Jason’s girlfriend on General Hospital?

After a brief flashback in which Carly Corinthos (Laura Wright) remarked, “You always say that,” to Burton’s Jason’s assurance that he would always exercise caution, Carly and Sonny Corinthos (Maurice Benard) then shared a heartfelt moment of mourning.

Is General Hospital coming to an end?

General Hospital was not canceled, despite ABC’s usual refusal to confirm whether a second season had been ordered. In other words, the network decided to keep airing the program during its 60th season.

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