Who is leaving General Hospital 2023? A Heart-Breaking Farewell

General Hospital is a beloved soap opera that has captured the hearts of millions for decades. Throughout its history, the show has seen many characters come and go, leaving lasting impressions.

Recently, several characters have bid farewell to Port Charles, leaving viewers emotional and nostalgic. Let’s look closer at the actors and actresses who have left General Hospital, leaving a void.

Jacklyn Zeman

General Hospital experienced a significant loss with the passing of Jacklyn Zeman’s character, Bobbie Spencer. Zeman’s portrayal of Bobbie had become iconic, and her departure marked the end of an era for the show.

The General Hospital family shared their thoughts on Zeman’s departure, reflecting on her impact on the show and its viewers.

Character NameBobbie Spencer
Portrayed ByJacklyn Zeman
First Appeared December 1977
BornAugust 8, 1950 (Died)

Kelly Thiebaud: Britt Westbourne’s Surprising Exit

Britt on General Hospital is leaving! In a surprising announcement, Kelly Thiebaud’s exit from General Hospital was revealed shortly after she won her first Daytime Emmy.

Thiebaud’s departure disappointed fans as her character, Britt Westbourne, added depth and complexity to the show. Her return to primetime’s Station 19 as Eva marked a new chapter in her career.

Character NameBritt Westbourne
Portrayed ByKelly Thiebaud
First Appeared September 19, 2012
BornDecember 31, 1985

Charles Shaughnessy: Is Victor leaving General Hospital?

Charles Shaughnessy’s portrayal of Victor Cassadine had cemented him as one of the show’s most memorable villains.

The actor teased an epic send-off for his character, leaving fans torn between anticipation for the storyline’s conclusion and sadness over his departure from General Hospital.

Character NameVictor Cassadine
Portrayed ByCharles Shaughnessy
First AppearedJuly 8, 1981

Michael Blake Kruse: Trina’s Unfortunate Turn of Events

Trina on General Hospital is leaving! Michael Blake Kruse joined the cast of General Hospital as Rory in 2021. He played the role of Trina’s boyfriend, and fans were excited to see where their storyline would go.

Unfortunately, Rory got the hook, and the character was written off the show. It was an unfortunate turn of events for Trina, who had been through so much already.

Character NameTrina Robinson
Portrayed ByMichael Blake Kruse
First Appeared June 23, 2017
BornMarch 13, 2002

William Lipton: Is Cameron leaving General Hospital?

As Cameron Webber headed to Stanford University to heal his broken heart, fans bid farewell to William Lipton’s portrayal of the character.

Lipton’s performance as Cameron had captivated viewers for five years, making his departure bittersweet for fans who had grown attached to the young star.

Character NameCameron Steven Webber
Portrayed ByWilliam Lipton
First Appeared June 18, 2004
BornMay 11, 2004

Johnny Wactor: Brando is Spelled by Brad Schmidt

Johnny Wactor has been playing the role of Brando in General Hospital since 2019. He had become a popular character on the show, but in the fall of 2022, he was spelled by Brad Schmidt.

The reason for the replacement was not disclosed, but fans were happy to see Wactor back on the show.

Character NameBrando Corbin
Portrayed ByJohnny Wactor
First Appeared January 30, 2020
BornOctober 14, 1982

Michelle Stafford – Nina’s Departure with Purpose

In the summer of 2019, Emmy winner Michelle Stafford left General Hospital for a compelling reason. She returned to her former soap, The Young and the Restless, where she reclaimed her role as Phyllis from Gina Tognoni.

While the decision may have been justified, it didn’t lessen the impact of Stafford’s departure on the character of Nina. Her absence leaves fans longing for the continued development of Nina’s captivating storyline.

Character NameNina Reeves
Portrayed ByMichelle Stafford
First Appeared May 1, 2014
BornMarch 12, 1970

Chad Duell: A Temporary Recast for Michael Corinthos

Chad Duell’s temporary absence from General Hospital caused a stir among fans when Robert Adamson filled in as Michael. The uncertainty surrounding Michael’s role in the show left viewers on edge.

Duell’s departure highlighted the impact of casting changes and the challenge of maintaining continuity in character portrayals.

Character NameMichael Corinthos
Portrayed ByChad Duell
First Appeared December 29, 1997
BornDecember 29, 1997

Chris Van Etten: Chet Driscoll’s Short-Lived Love Story

The short-lived love story between Chet and Terry took an unexpected turn when Chris Van Etten’s move out of California led to his character’s exit.

Who is leaving General Hospital 2023
Who is leaving General Hospital 2023?

Van Etten’s departure underscored the behind-the-scenes factors that can influence a character’s fate in a soap opera.

Character NameChet Driscoll
Portrayed ByChris Van Etten
First Appeared November 8, 2017
AgeEarly 30s

Amelie McClain: Valentin and Lulu’s Daughter Heads to Boarding School

Amelie McClain’s departure as Charlotte, Valentin, and Lulu’s daughter left fans speculating about the character’s future. The possibility of a recast or an aging process known as SORAS added an element of intrigue to the character’s storyline.

Character NameCharlotte Cassadine
Portrayed ByAmelie McClain
First Appeared September 21, 2016
BornMay 5, 2008

Sydney Mikayla: Trina’s Transition to Tabyana Ali

Sydney Mikayla’s departure to focus on college left fans bidding farewell to a beloved character. The introduction of Tabyana Ali as Trina’s replacement represented a new chapter for the character and the show’s commitment to continuity.

Character NameTrina Robinson
Portrayed ByTabyana Ali
BornJanuary 28, 2002

Steve Burton – Jason’s Exit Sparks Controversy

In a surprising turn of events just before Thanksgiving 2021, Emmy-winning actor Steve Burton revealed via social media that he had been let go from his role as Jason on General Hospital.

Implementing a vaccine mandate to protect the cast and crew against COVID-19 was cited as the reason for his departure. Despite the circumstances, Burton expressed gratitude for his time on the show and his personal growth within the General Hospital family. The possibility of a future return left fans hopeful but also weighed down by a sense of sadness.

Character NameJason Morgan
Portrayed BySteve Burton
First Appeared November 11, 1981
BornSeptember 14, 1981

Max Gail – Mike’s Heartrending Farewell

It was inevitable that Mike Corbin’s storyline would conclude tragically, as Alzheimer’s disease eluded even the best efforts of General Hospital’s doctors. In September 2020, viewers witnessed the poignant last days of Mike’s life, shared with Sonny and their family.

Max Gail’s remarkable performance as Mike resonated deeply with audiences, leaving an enduring impression of love, loss, and the frailty of human existence.

Character NameMike Corbin
Portrayed ByMax Gail
First Appeared January 4, 1995
BornMarch 22, 1938

Amanda Setton – A Pause in Brook Lynn’s Journey

August 2020 marked the arrival of Amanda Setton, known for her role as Kim, as the latest Brook Lynn in Port Charles. However, Setton’s time at General Hospital was abruptly paused when she went on maternity leave.

This hiatus led to Briana Lane stepping in to temporarily assume the role of Brook Lynn. While fans eagerly anticipated Setton’s return, her absence left a void in the portrayal of the character, reminding us of the impermanence of the soap opera world.

Character NameBrook Lynn Quartermaine
Portrayed ByAmanda Setton
First Appeared February 10, 1997
BornOctober 24, 1996

Tamara Braun – Kim’s Bittersweet Goodbye

Kim’s journey on General Hospital was filled with heartache and loss, and fans hoped to see her character bounce back after the devastating loss of her son Oscar.

Unfortunately, Tamara Braun, the talented actress who portrayed Kim, was let go, ending her second run on the show. Braun’s departure leaves a poignant absence, reminding us of the unpredictable nature of soap opera storytelling.

Character NameDr. Kimberly “Kim” Nero
Portrayed ByTamara Braun
First Appeared November 22, 2017

Rebecca Budig – Hayden’s Unfinished Journey

Rebecca Budig’s portrayal of Hayden captivated General Hospital viewers, and her character’s complicated relationship with Nikolas kept audiences on the edge of their seats.

In November 2019, Nikolas orchestrated Hayden’s hasty departure, leaving their daughter Violet in the care of her father, Finn. Despite Hayden’s exit, fans held onto the hope that the conniving yet intriguing character would one day return, emphasizing the emotional connection between the audience and their beloved characters.

Character NameHayden Barnes
Portrayed ByRebecca Budig
First Appeared March 20, 2015
BornSeptember 21, 1984

Ending Notes

The departure of these talented actors from General Hospital has undoubtedly left a void in the hearts of fans. Their compelling performances and the characters they brought to life are integral to the show’s legacy.

We cherish the moments they shared on screen as we bid farewell to Tamara Braun, Coby Ryan McLaughlin, Michelle Stafford, and Rebecca Budig. Their departures remind us of the transient nature of soap opera storytelling, where characters come and go, leaving a lasting impact on viewers’ hearts.

General Hospital will continue its journey, but the memories of these beloved characters will forever be etched in the minds of its dedicated fans, creating a legacy that transcends time and transitions.

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