Steve Burton on Days of our Lives: Steve leaving GH and joining DOOL

Is anyone there who is fond of both General Hospital and Day of our Lives?

How will you react when a famous actor leaves General Hospital and shows his face on Days of our lives?

You will be on cloud nine. Right?

So, here in this article, we will explore such an actor.

Can you guess who?

Yes, he is none other than Steve Burton.

Stylish Steve Burton!

Harris Michaels, played by General Hospital actor Steve Burton, will return in fresh episodes of Days of Our Lives. Find out all about the actor’s comeback.

Steve Burton, who spent almost 30 years as Jason Morgan on General Hospital, will return to Days of Our Lives on SoapAsk in the early 2023 season, the streamer revealed on November 9. Following his debut on the Days offshoot Beyond Salem earlier this year, the actor is back with the DOOL series.

It was suggested in a press statement that fans can anticipate “more intrigue, high-stakes adventure, and romance with Harris returning to the canvas next year.” Still, he is presently keeping the specifics of his character’s “thrilling new plot” under wraps.

Prior to making his General Hospital debut in 1992, Burton, who filed for divorce from his wife Sheree Gustin in July, originally appeared on Days for 12 episodes in 1988. Other soap opera roles held by the 52-year-old actor include The Young and the Restless and its two-season spinoff General Hospital: Night Shift.

Burton posted on Instagram in November 2021 that he had been fired from General Hospital and gave the COVID-19 vaccine mandates as his justification.

In a video, he said, “I did seek for my medical and religious exemptions, and both of those were refused, which, you know, stings. “But to me, this also pertains to individual freedom. No one should, in my opinion, lose their job because of this.”

Nevertheless, he stated, “I will always be thankful for my time at General Hospital, and I am eager to see what the future holds. Perhaps, if these restrictions are repealed, I will be able to return and complete my career as Jason Morgan in the future. That would be a privilege. And if not, I’m going to enjoy this incredible experience, keep going, and be eternally appreciative.”

Steve Burton Is Now On Days Of Our Lives!

Harris Michaels has returned.

Steve Burton, formerly of Days of Our Lives, has joined the cast of the adored serial opera. Early next year, the actor will return to the part he originated in 1988 as Eve Donovan’s (Charlotte Ross) classmate and love interest for a “thrilling new plot,” joining seasoned castmates Stephen Nichols, Mary Beth Evans, Deidre Hall, Drake Hogestyn, and others.

Steve Burton on Days of our Lives Steve leaving GH and joining DOOL
Steve Burton on Days of our Lives: Steve leaving GH and joining DOOL

Burton’s comeback is being kept under wraps, although in a press statement that it will bring “additional intrigue, high-stakes adventure, and romance.” Burton recently played the same character on Days of our Lives: Beyond Salem’s second season, where he had a love relationship with Hope Williams Brady (Kristian Alfonso).

The soap actor said, “But now that I’ve stated it, you know who I am. I’ll be eternally appreciative of my time spent at General Hospital. I adore that place. I was raised there. Some of you I knew when I was young. I’ll always be appreciative. And I think several doors open when one door shuts. That has always been my viewpoint. Therefore I am interested in what the future holds.”

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    • I want my favorite Steve back as Jason Morgan. He is needed badly. Sonny is lost and Carly is loosing hope. He needs to come back.

  1. I’ve watched General Hospital for years and Jason was one of the best actresses and I really miss him General Hospital is not the same so I just may have to watch Days of Our Lives I don’t like all the people General hospitals getting rid of I wish Steve could sue General Hospital for discrimination to force him to get a shot he doesn’t believe in that is his right bye General Hospital


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