General Hospital Recaps May 3 2023: Victor’s Pathogen Plan Leads to Valentin’s Collapse

The latest episode of General Hospital aired on Wednesday, May 3, brought some intense moments for the viewers. Victor Cassadine’s plan to use a deadly pathogen to control the world took a drastic turn when Valentin Cassadine refused to reveal his accomplices.

The episode also showcased Michael Corinthos’ plan to bring down his father, Sonny Corinthos, and how it led to Willow’s collapse. Let’s dive deeper into the recap and find out what happened on the show.

Valentin’s Fate Hangs in the Balance

The episode began with Victor Cassadine injecting Valentin with a pathogen after he refused to reveal his accomplices.

Liesl Obrecht warned Victor that he could be signing his son’s death warrant, but Victor insisted that Valentin was no longer his son. Valentin’s nose began to bleed moments later, leaving his fate hanging in the balance.

Scott Baldwin’s Revelation

Scott Baldwin woke up from his drug-induced sleep and called the WSB about Victor’s biological weapon. The agent forced his way into the room where Scott was waiting, and Liz Baldwin also got updates on the situation. Robert Scorpio was angry with Scott for putting Liesl and the other hostages in danger.

Curtis Rescues Trina and Spencer

Curtis Ashford appeared in his guard disguise and tried to rescue Trina Robinson and Spencer Cassadine. Spencer got beaten up by one of the guards and collapsed on the floor.

Curtis knocked out the guard posted in Trina’s room and assured her that he was there to rescue her. However, Trina refused to leave Spencer behind, leading to a physical confrontation with the guards near the dining area.

Willow’s Shocking Revelation

Michael Corinthos showed Willow the incriminating footage of his plan to bring down Sonny. He also revealed that Dex Heller was secretly working for him, and all of these revelations made Willow increasingly upset.

She fainted on the sofa, leaving Michael in a panic as he rushed to her aid.

Josslyn’s Conversation with Dex

Josslyn Jacks snuggled with Dex in bed and reminisced about their happy wedding days prior to the SEC troubles. Dex suggested that he could cut a deal since he turned over the evidence to Michael.

General Hospital Recaps May 3 2023
General Hospital Recaps May 3 2023

Josslyn hoped that Sonny would be behind bars soon but worried that Dex might also go down. Dex questioned whether Josslyn desired Sonny to escape punishment for his offenses, but Josslyn behaved as though Sonny had brought the consequences upon himself.

Closing Words

The latest episode of General Hospital had several intense moments that kept the viewers on the edge of their seats. Victor’s pathogen plan and Michael’s plan to bring down Sonny led to Valentin’s collapse and Willow’s shocking revelation.

The future of the characters hangs in the balance, and the viewers are eagerly waiting to find out what happens next on the show.

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