When is Gloom coming back?

If you follow lifestyle YouTuber CloudyApples, gaming blogger GloomGames, or Kassima “Kassie” Isabelle’s most recent online alias Gloom, you may have been wondering recently if she is left the company.

Gloom: Who is she?

Canadian YouTuber Gloom is well-known worldwide. Despite going by the stage name Gloom, Kassima Isabelle is actually who most people know her as. Her loved ones kindly refer to her as Kassie. A few days ago, social media users declared Canadian YouTuber Kassima Isabelle dead.

She is, however, fully conscious and in good condition. The internet is rife with rumors that Gloom had cancer and that she eventually passed away from it.

CloudyApples was Kassie’s online alias when she first registered in 2011. Four years later, she signed up for YouTube as Gloom. Despite her protracted absence, she continues to have a sizable fan base across all of her social media platforms.

What happened to her, though? Did Gloom leave YouTube? Has she provided any information regarding her return date?

What happened to Gloom on YouTube?

On January 8, 2022, Gloom, aka Kassie Isabelle, announced that she would be pausing her online video production. It may be irrelevant whether you regard this as “quitting” or not.

She is pausing to rest. But more importantly, she has not stated that the break will be indefinite, implying that she will return. It is still possible to watch the video online under the title Signing Off. 8.35 million people have already watched it. On the platform, she is followed by more than 7 million people.

When is Gloom coming back?

For the time being, there are no signs that Gloom will return. Her absence has not completely passed for some of her fans. In just the last few days, Signing Off has gotten several comments.

When is Gloom coming back
When is Gloom coming back

One observes that although Gloom’s departure has been “officially” six months, “it feels like it is been six years.” The best is what they send. Others have expressed concern that Gloom may no longer be able to produce online content because of something that happened to her. Gloom’s fans are concerned that he has permanently quit YouTube.

Gloom stopped posting to YouTube in January 2022. Why?

Kassie claimed that she believed she had breast cancer as the justification for temporarily suspending Gloom’s YouTube channel. Her admission that breast cancer runs in her family made the scare all the more concerning.

Cancer claimed the life of her aunt Kassima, with whom she shared a name. However, examinations revealed that the lump in her breast was a cyst, making it benign and non-cancerous.

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However, the stress of the situation made her feel, if only momentarily, incapable of producing videos for her YouTube subscribers. The alarm served as “the final nail in the coffin.” Kassie “Gloom” Isabelle discusses her lack of inspiration for both the content creation process and other content creators in her most recent YouTube video.

Gloom’s death rumors

She is a well-known YouTuber from Canada, so her fans were concerned about her health before the death rumors broke. The internet is rife with rumors that Gloom had cancer and that she eventually passed away from it.

Youtuber Gloom posted a video to address the death rumors after becoming aware that they were being spread about her. This was done to stop her followers from being misled.

Through the video “Signing Off,” she made the announcement. She uploaded that video intending to take a break from the stress of a frightening condition in which she believed she had breast cancer. Fortunately, though, it turned out that she only had a cystic lump in her breast after some tests.

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Gloom coming back – FAQs

What happened to YouTuber Gloom?

One of the many fake deaths was that of YouTuber Gloom. Many people took over their social media accounts in the interim and expressed their condolences to Gloom’s family. She is still alive and in perfect health, though.

What is Gloom suffering from?

Gloom aka Kassie suffers from clinical depression.

What happened to Gloom’s sister?

As a result of her depression, Gloom’s sister killed herself, and I saw my sister’s body bag on the news. To “spread awareness,” they did not have to act in that way, but they did. This is a matter of cultural etiquette rather than a YouTube issue.

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