State of Mind Revolution: Maurice Benard’s Journey Inspiring Mental Health Transformation

State Of Mind, a video podcast channel created by Maurice Benard, was created to draw attention to the various forms that mental health may take and to provide support for those in need.

Actor Maurice Benard was born in the United States on March 1, 1963. He has gained the most notoriety since 1993 thanks to his portrayal of Sonny Corinthos on the ABC serial series General Hospital.

The son of Martha Morales, a bank clerk, and Humberto Morales, a supervisor of bakeries, Benard was born Mauricio José Morales in Martinez, California. He is Nicaraguan-born and is from San Francisco, California.

State Of Mind with Maurice Benard

To reduce stigma and provide support for those who might be struggling, Maurice has been sharing his own experience with bipolar illness, despair, and anxiety for more than 30 years. Maurice, a New York Times bestselling author of “Nothing General About It: How Love (and Lithium) Saved Me On and Off General Hospital,” has motivated numerous others with his openness and courage.

On the ABC soap series General Hospital, Maurice Benard has been portraying Sonny Corinthos since 1993. Maurice has been open about his struggle with bipolar illness. For him to portray what it’s like to live with bipolar disease, the General Hospital writers even made his on-screen character bipolar.

State of Mind Revolution: Maurice Benard's Journey Inspiring Mental Health Transformation
State Of Mind with Maurice Benard

Nothing General About It, Maurice’s book, describes how he has come to terms with having bipolar disorder and how he controls his symptoms. Additionally, he launched a YouTube program called State of Mind where he discusses mental health.

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What it was like to experience a “nervous breakdown,” how to determine when you need medicine for a mental health condition, and how to begin identifying the triggers for mental health are some of the topics he discusses today.

Motivating those who are struggling

Anyone attempting to manage their mental health should first accept who they are before talking about it, according to Benard. Also, he said, to ask for assistance when you need it.

He said that he waited four months to contact a specialist. Therefore, anyone experiencing something abnormal or unnatural should seek expert assistance.

 He advised parents whose children could be dealing with a mental health issue to be patient and kind rather than harsh. It’s a difficult scenario, but it’s achievable, according to Benard. In my 30 years of coping with this, I’ve demonstrated that it’s possible to have a wonderful, fruitful life while still having a mental illness. 

He continued by saying that although the epidemic had been unpleasant for many people, including himself, it had also pushed mental health into the public discourse in a way he had never seen before. This has compelled a lot of individuals to confront their mental health in a manner they hadn’t before. Since I’ve been discussing mental illness, it has raised awareness, according to Benard.

The lesson, he said, is that it’s not impossible while being challenging.

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