Ashley Elliott Husband Drama: Why are they splitting?

Ashley Elliott, also known as the gel lady, is a famous TikToker who posts regular content over her social handles, where she can be found applying a lot of hair gel. She explains her niche lies in putting out fun videos involving hair gels.

In many of her videos, her husband could be seen with her. Still, recently, Ashley deleted all the videos featuring her husband, which left her followers with questions about this act of hers.

Many came up with the reason that something wasn’t right between them. After some time, a TikTok user named Monique dropped a video claiming that Ashley’s husband cheated on her and was in contact with Monique.

Ashley’s reason for deleting videos featuring her husband

As her followers became more and more anxious and questioned her, she put out a video where she explained the reason behind deleting the videos: that her husband simply no longer wanted to be in the videos and that he desired to remain private and didn’t wish to be recognized in public.

Ashley Elliott Husband Drama: Why are they splitting?
Ashley Elliott (Source: @ash.e.e)

That statement of hers created an air of suspicion as fans stated if that was the case, then there wasn’t any need to delete the previously uploaded videos with her husband, which were a good source of income for their family.

Monique’s shocking claims about Ashley Elliott husband

Monique, a hooker by profession, uploaded a video where she stated that Ashley’s husband cheated on her. She further said that Ashely’s husband was one of her clients! he was connected with her virtually, and they never met in person.

Ashley Elliott Husband Drama
Ashley Elliott Husband Drama

She further claims that her husband reached out to her as he wanted someone in his life to share his thoughts with, indirectly hinting that Ashley hasn’t been that person for him.

In another video, she goes on to say that Ashley has created unnecessary drama and that she should try to understand her husband. This raged Ashley’s fans as they felt Monique was being biased as Ashley was the one who got cheated on.

Ashley’s clarification

After all this drama, Ashley took to social media to confirm the news about her husband cheating on her, and she didn’t want anyone to make hate comments about her husband.

Ashely Elliott Husband Drama
Ashley Elliott Husband Drama (Source: @ash.e.e)

Fans were left in shock and anguish over the revelation.

Why are Ashely and her husband parting ways?

Ashley and her husband part ways after he cheats on her. Ashley puts out a TikTok video confirming the end of her marriage.

She shares the reason why she didn’t want to and won’t be sharing pieces of stuff related to her marriage, saying that one day, her children would see all this and that would impact them negatively.

Ashley Elliott Husband Drama: Why are they splitting?
Ashley Elliott (Source: @ash.e.e)

The other reason is that she loves her husband and can’t lose the feelings despite what he did to her; therefore, she doesn’t want anyone to make hate comments about her husband.


Famous tik tok Ashley and her husband end their marriage as Ashley learns about her husband’s extramarital affairs.

Monique’s claims further add to the curiosity of her fanbase, who speculate why She deleted her videos featuring her husband.

In a video, Ashley advises her followers how it is important to be financially independent and not to depend on your partner too much, as no one knows what lies ahead in the future.

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