Days of our Lives Spoilers June 13 2023: Sarah’s Secret, Megan’s evil plan, and Nicole’s baby

Days of our Lives spoilers for June 13th Tuesday have arrived!  Bonnie tries to hold back her laughter as you tease her. Everything you can anticipate from the show on June 13th.

Let’s find out what your favorite Salem power players are about to do.  Bonnie is prepared to assist Sarah because her secret is weighing her down. Nicole is prepared to announce the pregnancy.

When DiMera and Stefan meet, Megan has ideas. To learn everything that the Days of our Lives spoilers for June 13th Tuesday have delivered, read the whole piece.

Sarah is worn out due to keeping secrets

Tuesday, June 13th spoilers for Days of our Lives suggest how Sarah becomes exhausted from having to carry about her secret. Anyone would go a bit crazy trying to keep a baby hidden. Just observe how anxious Nicole became when she didn’t know who her baby’s father was. Being silent about someone else’s secret is worse. Particularly if it comes from an in-law. But Bonnie had committed to doing that.

That is what Bonnie does. When Xander arrives at the estate, she stops talking and locks the vault. But it’s challenging. She presumably wouldn’t have a problem with holding this tasty information from a man who abducted and terrorized her in a normal world. But since this is Salem, Bonnie forgave him and made friends with him. Will she fess up?

Oh, No! Nicole…

Nicole has some exciting baby news to share with you. Eric? Yep, Eric. Concerning her child, she has something to say to “not-the-father” Eric. Is this merely a brief update, a sympathy call for his losing the baby contest, or has she learned something important that she must share?

Days of our Lives Spoilers June 13 2023
Days of our Lives Spoilers June 13 2023: Sarah’s Secret, Megan’s evil plan, and Nicole’s baby

Nicole may not realize it, but it seems like a good idea to keep Eric informed at every turn. Since Eric is still a candidate and Sloan swabbed herself. He will become a father if it does become public. He’ll value the fact that he participated in the voyage, we’re confident.

So much Planning and Plotting:

At the DiMera home, the situation is anything from tranquil. Gabi tries to make peace between the brothers while EJ and Stefan fight. They may not get along, but there are more important matters at hand. Specifically, their recently discovered sister.

In the meantime, Li is being tricked into joining Megan. If he chooses to join forces with her, she has an enticing proposition for him. Li isn’t a big admirer of the mighty family, but will he start to dislike them in this way?

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