Days of Our Lives Spoilers July 3 2023: Li is in trouble, A brainwashed Harris can be dangerous

You will be eager for the episode after reading the Days of Our Lives Spoilers for Monday, July 3. We will not say that they are all joyful and unexpected, but they are undoubtedly entertaining and dramatic.

It is said that a celebration is not complete until something is broken. However, in Salem, a party is not considered to be legitimate until someone shows up with the intent to cause bodily harm to another person, which is exactly what Harris does to Stefan and Gabi’s engagement party! After that, Li and Leo each take action; what action do they take? Let us find out.

Li is in trouble, honestly, he could have done better

Li does a poor job of skulking around the perimeter of the action. How do we know? Rafe observes him doing it because of this! When Rafe notices Li acting suspiciously close to The Bistro, Li will be in trouble.

Rafe will barge into the party to play the role of the hero because he will have a suspicion that something terrible may occur.

Megan, the mastermind can fool us too!

The real purpose of Harris’s mission will be kept a secret from Megan. Although Harris will insist that Stefan is his target, Megan will pretend to be terrified that he has entered the party to pursue her.

Harris will admit that he is following Li’s orders, which will surprise Stefan and Gabi when he shares that information. Fans of Days are aware that Harris is carrying Megan’s orders, but this little ruse by Dr. Wilhelm allows Megan to keep her hands clean.

After determining that Harris needs to be programmed once more, Chad and Stephanie will make every effort to speak with the real Harris.

Unfortunately, Harris’ brainwashing will be too strong, and it will appear as though he is going to kill Stefan until Rafe steps in. During the struggle, Harris’ weapon will malfunction, injuring Megan unintentionally and sending her to the emergency room.

Nicole and Eric are interrupted by EJ, who materializes out of thin air!

Nicole will complain to Eric about EJ leaving her in the living room of the DOOL episode airing on Monday. Days spoilers indicate that Nicole will come very close to kissing Eric, possibly just as EJ emerges from the hidden tunnels to see it happen! EJ will be missing many puzzle pieces that will need to be filled in later, but Nicole and Kristen will receive updates on his hostage situation.

Days of Our Lives Spoilers July 3 2023
Days of Our Lives Spoilers July 3 2023 (Credit: JPI Studios)

Nicole complains to Eric about how the (supposed) father of her child has abandoned her without realizing what is happening. She is unaware that even as they are speaking, Leo is walking by the location where Megan has been holding Kristen and EJ.

What to discuss: An interesting take

According to today’s DOOL spoilers, EJ and Kristen will not remember what happened because of the dose of CRS-17 Megan gave them. Leo will make an effort to make sense of the circumstance and believe that the shady Megan was involved, but Kristen and EJ will not recall the specifics.

They will all return upstairs to the DiMera mansion as soon as Leo can release the restraints holding EJ and Kristen. How does Leo feel about this at this point? Does this imply that Leo is interacting with new people? What do you guys think?

Stay tuned as Days of Our Lives spoilers suggest some shocking rescues and other major surprises.

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