Days of Our Lives Spoilers June 28: Eric and Sloan baby fever, and Xander is confused.

If you are right here, reading Days of Our Lives Spoilers for Wednesday, June 28 then you need go watch out for your favorite couples because a lot of drama, jealousy, and steamy romance is on the way for them.

Gwen thinks Dimitri loves her, but does he really?

What is going on with Leo? He will likely struggle to comprehend Gwen’s mental state, according to spoilers. Leo will push Gwen to recognize the risky game Dimitri and Megan are playing with her heart because it is obvious to him that they are doing so.

Gwen will, nonetheless, believe Dimitri’s proposal to be sincere, particularly when he appears to make a more formal presentation. Days spoilers indicate that Dimitri will once more propose by getting down on one knee and presenting a stunning engagement ring.

Even though Gwen will not be prepared to respond to Dimitri just yet, she will be moving in the right direction in his eyes. The Von Leuschner fortune will be secured, as Megan desires, and Dimitri will believe he is well on his way to marrying Gwen before turning 40.

Oh new love: Xander and Chloe

The shocking news that Xander will learn next on Wednesday’s DOOL episode. When Xander learns that Dimitri has proposed to Gwen, he will experience conflicted feelings.

While a part of Xander may struggle with feelings of rage and jealousy, another part of him will realize Gwen’s life is no longer his concern.

Now that Xander is living with Chloe and has developed feelings for her romantically, he will decide that he would prefer to concentrate on her and their new future together. Days spoilers indicate that will eventually result in Xander and Chloe falling in love this week.

Baby making

Do you wish to allay your baby fever? It might excite you! Sloan will insist that Eric put her to bed. Sloan will persuade Eric to get into bed with her and try to conceive her as soon as possible because she is eager to start working toward their goal of having children.

Days of Our Lives Spoilers June 28 Eric and Sloan baby fever, and Xander is confused.
Days of Our Lives Spoilers June 28: Eric and Sloan baby fever, and Xander is confused.

Nicole will be angry with Chloe about how EJ abandoned her because she will not know about the kidnapping ordeal until it is too late. Be on the lookout for some surprises from Nicole, according to Days of Our Lives spoilers.

Tripp and Wendy on a date

According to Other Days spoilers, Wendy will receive an invitation from Tripp to spend a date night at home. That will entail engaging in some games and socializing, but Johnny is about to stop Tripp from making another attempt to win Wendy over.

Johnny will appear at Wendy’s door to disrupt her night with Tripp after consoling Chanel about Abe’s disastrous outcome.

What to discuss? An interesting take

Possibly their best week ever is currently being experienced by Chloe and Xander. As the story progresses, Xander still feels jealous of Gwen despite his efforts to focus on Chloe.

Do you think Chloe will succeed in winning his affection? We recently witnessed Xander serving wine to Chloe and himself as he continued to wonder what Justin was up to.

He kissed her tenderly after that and enquired as to whether she was certain she wanted to spend the night alone. But Chloe took a step back. She did not want to push Brady away because she was still in the process of moving on from Brady. They might be progressing at this point.

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