Days of our Lives Spoilers June 19 2023: Abe has flashes of memory, Chad will help Theo

Days of Our Lives spoilers for Monday, June 19, indicate that Nurse Whitley will find herself in a pickle because Abe will remember how Chanel told him Juneteenth was his wedding anniversary.

Whitley will continue to pose as Paulina and will act like their anniversary is today while gushing about how wonderful their wedding was.

Abe has flashes of memory

Abe will occasionally have confusing memory flashes, particularly because Paulina’s face will appear differently in his head. When Abe demands evidence that “Paulina” is his wife, Whitley will counter that their wedding album was somehow misplaced. Whitley will speculate that there might be a wedding photo on her computer because Abe will not let this go.

As a result, Whitley will Photoshop her face over Paulina’s and pretend to be the bride on the memorable occasion captured in the photograph. Even though Abe will not be entirely satisfied, for the time being, he will refrain from asking any more questions.

Whitley’s mention of Abe’s offspring will come at some point as well. It turns out one of those children will return to Salem in Monday’s DOOL episode, so look for Theo to come back to town.

Theo is having a hard time

Days of Our Lives Spoilers: Monday, June 19, indicates that Theo will participate in Juneteenth celebrations and will be happy for Paulina and Abe’s wedding, but it will be strange for him to be by himself.

However, Theo will want to do something special for his father, so he will prepare a speech that Abe previously wrote with help from Chad.

Talia helps to find Abe

Eli will also return, so he can catch up with Doug and Julie at the Horton residence. Days spoilers suggest that Eli will provide updates on how Lani is faring while imprisoned and will make every effort to track down Abe.

Days of our Lives Spoilers June 19 2023 Abe has flashes of memory, Chad will help Theo
Days of our Lives Spoilers June 19 2023: Abe has flashes of memory, Chad will help Theo

It transpires that Talia will contribute to the effort to locate Abe as well. Even though Chanel still has issues with Talia for her involvement in Colin’s scheme, she will see Talia posting missing person notices and may thank her for the thoughtful gesture.

According to Days spoilers, Talia will apologize once more and possibly reveal some of Colin’s abusive behavior.

Pauline needs Olivia’s help

Paulina will receive the assistance she requires from Olivia when she returns to Salem for the Juneteenth celebration we previously mentioned.

Paulina will value having her mother nearby as she worries about Abe and wonders what could be happening to him. According to Days of Our Lives spoilers, Paulina will hope for good news, so pay attention to DOOL.

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