Days of Our Lives Spoilers for July 14: Brady’s custody arrangement, the truth about Abe

Here are the exciting spoilers for “Days of Our Lives,” which will air on Friday, July 14! Get ready for a suspenseful episode full of heated arguments, shocking information, and eerie events that will keep you on the edge of your seat.

As Kristen confronts Marlena in this episode and makes clear her expectations for Brady, tensions increase. Will the eminent psychiatrist accept that a change in the custody arrangement is necessary? Prepare for a power struggle that could have far-reaching effects on everyone involved.

Lani breaks into Jerry’s apartment for the truth about Abe

According to Days of Our Lives Spoilers for Friday, July 14, Lani will break into Jerry’s apartment and demand the truth about Abe. Lani is curious about what Jerry said to Theo.

Lani will make an appeal to Jerry in the form of a grieving daughter because she can tell that he knows more than he is saying. She will exert pressure on Jerry to do whatever it takes to ease Abe’s grieving family’s pain.

Days of Our Lives Spoilers for July 14 2023
Days of Our Lives Spoilers for July 14 2023 / NBC

Days spoilers indicate that Lani will bring up the fact that Jerry was planning to tell Theo something by the docks and will ask him for clarification.

When Jerry is made to feel guilty, he will eventually admit that Abe is still alive. It appears that Jerry will direct Lani in the right direction while blaming Whitley for getting him into this situation.

Whitley tries to divert Steve’s attention

Whitley will try to divert Steve’s attention next on Friday’s DOOL episode. Whitley will probably have a false explanation since Steve just questioned her about her resignation from the hospital.

Whitley could, of course, also pretend that it does not matter what Steve thinks. Days spoilers indicate that Whitley will eventually leave quickly and return to her apartment, but a confrontation with Lani might be approaching.

Abe experiences hallucinations due to sedatives

The sedative Abe has been given will cause him to experience hallucinations up until that point. Abe will then encounter Lorna, Kassandra, and other people while daydreaming about being on Body and Soul as a result.

Days spoilers indicate that Lani will disappear after allegedly attempting to confront Whitley, so Paulina and Rafe will undoubtedly raise the alarm! What will Abe see when he starts to have hallucinations as a result of the drugs Whitley gave him? Meanwhile, Steve has a few questions for the nurse… including the precise reason she departed the hospital.

Kristen confronts Marlena over Brady’s custody

Marlena receives a detailed explanation from Kristen of what she requires from Brady. Will the shrink, however, concur that the current custody arrangement needs to be changed? At the DiMera mansion, Kristen will try to finalize a new custody arrangement.

Kristen will be open to negotiating if Brady changes the conditions, even though she has not told Marlena she is hiding Rachel. Brady will be in a difficult situation as a result, as he desperately wants his daughter back. It appears that he will sign the new custody arrangement and then rip it up as soon as Kristen agrees to follow it.

In this cherished soap opera, the characters must deal with secrets, betrayal, and captivating storylines. Do not miss out on any of the action. Watch to see how the gripping drama plays out.

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