Days of Our Lives Spoilers for Next 2 weeks: Leo threatens Dimitri and Abe’s funeral

Get ready for two weeks of suspense, secrets, and intense drama on Days of Our Lives. From risky actions and inheritance troubles to custody battles and confrontations, the residents of Salem are about to face life-changing decisions and unexpected revelations.

As Alex seeks independence, Chad and Stephanie find a new home, and Dimitri’s inheritance hangs in the balance. Days of Our Lives Spoilers for Next 2 weeks, July 10 to July 21 meanwhile, Marlena delves into hypnosis, Melinda issues orders at the police station, and Lani fights to uncover the truth.

With emotional moments, shocking confessions, and gripping storylines, DOOL fans are in for an unforgettable ride. Tune in to witness the twists and turns that will shape the lives of Salem’s beloved characters over the next two weeks.

Alex Takes a Risky Action: Departing the Kiriakis Mansion

Alex is about to do something dangerous. The week of July 10-14, to gain independence, Alex will pack his things and leave the Kiriakis mansion.

Naturally, Alex’s argument with Maggie may have played a big role in his decision to leave the property. Because Chad and Stephanie will also pick a new residence that is an excellent fit for them, there will be a lot of moving in Salem.

According to Other Days spoilers, Stefan will likely find Gabi annoying. Their wedding plans may be in jeopardy because Gabi will lash out at Stefan over something she did.

Dimitri’s Inheritance in Jeopardy: Leo’s Threat and Confession

Speaking of wedding plans in jeopardy, Dimitri will worry that Leo will reveal the documents he just discovered, possibly costing him his inheritance. Leo was given a kiss by Dimitri as a result, but Leo will soon slaps him and demand an explanation.

Dimitri will need to confess, so he might pretend that Leo is the person he wants. Even though Dimitri will admit that he must take a wife to obtain this fortune, if Leo will remain silent, he might promise to share it with him. Leo will not want Gwen to suffer any harm despite Dimitri’s alluring offer.

Harris’s Frantic Plea: Seeking Lockup at Bayview

Harris will make an urgent plea once Marlena has him hypnotized. Since Harris will no longer have faith in himself, he will want to be locked up at Bayview.

Marlena might believe they should continue the hypnosis procedure and make an effort to free Harris from his brainwashing before trying any other methods. Harris will undoubtedly have some reservations, but Marlena might have confidence that he can convince Megan to obey him.

DA Melinda’s Orders: Rafe and Shawn’s Clash

DA arrived at the police station. When Melinda pressures Rafe to fire Shawn for consuming alcohol while working, she will also be giving orders of her own.

 Rafe will come under fire from Shawn for being a hypocrite when he tries to suspend Detective Brady instead. Shawn will draw attention to the fact that Rafe is having an affair with one of his staff members behind closed doors just as Clint, the acting mayor, arrives to listen in.

Days of Our Lives Spoilers for Next 2 weeks
Days of Our Lives Spoilers for Next 2 weeks

We will have to wait and see what Clint does with what he is learned because that might put Shawn, Rafe, and possibly even Jada’s positions in jeopardy. Bad news may be on the way because Clint has a strict no-tolerance policy for breaking the law.

Wendy’s Choice: Between Tripp and Johnny

Kristen will catch up with Lani during her leave of absence while Wendy makes her final decision regarding Tripp or Johnny. Kristen will acknowledge to Lani that she knows where her daughter is after Rachel hides out at the DiMera mansion.

Days spoilers indicate that Kristen will request some modifications to the custody arrangement; consequently, she will soon visit Marlena to assert her position.

Paulina’s Comfort: Gathering for Abe’s Funeral

Paulina will find solace from her loved ones as the funeral for Abe approaches. When Jerry learns that Whitley is keeping Abe under anesthesia, he will turn her up to full blast to stop it.

John will also experience a strange dream that may provide information about Abe’s current predicament. Steve will ask John about his new dream, but when Whitley abruptly decides to leave her job at the hospital, Steve will do something.

Jerry will be questioned by Lani, who will eventually force the truth on him, while Abe deals with soapy hallucinations and possibly has total recall. Lani will be relieved and motivated to rescue Abe from Whitley’s grasp once she realizes he is not truly lost after all.

Marlena’s Concerns: Talking to Kayla About Whitley

Marlena will speak with Kayla about Whitley’s problems during the week of July 17–21 because Whitley was once Dr. Evans’ patient; perhaps this was when Whitley first suffered the devastating blow of losing her husband.

Across town, Chloe and Xander will develop deeper feelings for one another. When Chloe and Xander start to feel closer than ever, this might lead to some declarations of love. When he is back with Leo, he will struggle with guilt over the secret he is keeping and be tempted to reveal the truth to Gwen about Dimitri’s plot.

Kristen and Dimitri’s Agreement: A Deal for Silence and the Von Leuschner Fortune

Kristen and Dimitri will agree in the interim. Days spoilers indicate that Dimitri will be open to negotiating, so Kristen might receive payment from the Von Leuschner fortune in exchange for her cooperation and whatever else she may offer him.

Given that Megan had initially advocated for her to wed Dimitri, Kristen might even end up serving as a backup bride. Even though Dimitri and Kristen initially opposed the idea, it might end up being the only option if Gwen learns the truth and decides not to proceed with the wedding.

Kristen might need to exercise caution when deciding what will impress a judge, though. Fans of DOOL will witness Kristen and Brady square off over custody once more, placing Rachel in the middle of more parental strife.

Keep checking for updates on all the surprises, according to Days of Our Lives spoilers, who predict that Salem will experience some twists and turns over the next two weeks.

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