Thomas Forrester Is No More With The Bold And The Beautiful!

Are you a die-hard fan of Thomas? Then you might hear the news that he is leaving the show. Is it so? Is he voluntarily leaving or being fired? Let’s discover the truth in this article.

Who Is Thomas?

There has been more than one dramatic past for Thomas Forrester on The Bold And The Beautiful. Drew Tyler Bell made his acting debut in 2004.

Adam Gregory took over for him. He last appeared in the spring of 2018, and B&B once more recast the role in March 2019, with Matthew Atkinson taking over.

A Quick Glance On Thomas! 

In 1998, Thomas Forrester was born. To go to college and then work as a designer, Thomas relocated. He married Gaby to prevent her from being deported, but he eventually came to regret it.

He got close to Brooke Logan and gave her a stage kiss during a fashion presentation. He left once more in 2010 to discover Steffy running the business.

Later, while Caroline was intoxicated and high from anti-anxiety medication, he found himself attracted to her.

After learning of Bill’s passing, Thomas restarted his relationship with Sally after departing from L.A. to spend Caroline’s last days with their son.

Thomas coerced Douglas into proposing to Hope on his behalf after having Liam take drugs so he would have sex with Steffy. Thomas’ plans were falling apart, but he insisted that Hope stay. When Brooke intervened, she unintentionally pushed Thomas down the cliff.

As a result of his obsession with Hope Buckingham and his use of her guilt as leverage, Thomas Forrester persuaded her to grant him shared custody of their son. Hope thought she had killed him when she couldn’t find any signs of him, but instead, he had fallen into an acid vat.

There were rumors of Thomas receiving counseling from Taylor when he left Forrester. He had made arrangements with Hope to be able to see Douglas. However, things took a strange turn when Thomas brought a mannequin that looked like Hope’s home, and it started talking to him.

Thomas was abducted by Justin Barber in order to stop him from releasing Liam and Bill, who were being kept against their will. Thomas quickly escaped with Hope’s assistance, and the truth was clear.

Thomas Forrester Is No More With The Bold And The Beautiful
Thomas Forrester Is No More With The Bold And The Beautiful

Since his real estate transaction went through, Thomas and Steffy have been inseparable. He ultimately told her how he felt, but she said she already had a boyfriend. As they worked on her new line for Hope for the Future, Thomas also started to exhaust Hope.

The news of Thomas leaving the show is scattered among his fanatics. But, how much the news is the truth is yet to confirm. Let’s wait and watch whether he is moving away or still be with us.

2022 is about to end. What is your opinion on Thomas?

Pour your thoughts into the comment section.

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  1. Dislike this same storyline with Thomas over and over! Why can’t he meet someone new and move on from Hope and worrying about his mommy? When Adam played Thomas, there were always models flirting with him and he dated a few, but now where are the models? Where are the fashion show competitions? It was better when Jackie M was in competition and became successful because of Madame X???????? Bridget was amazing & loved her working with Nick and Jackie scheming to get Nick & Bridget back together. Bring Bridget and other characters from the past back!
    Send Thomas to James again for psychiatric help!


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