What Happened To Taylor Hayes on The Bold And The Beautiful?

Dr. Taylor Hayes is a character on The Bold and the Beautiful, who Krista Allen has played since 2021. She has intermittently fulfilled the job since 1990, beginning as an oncologist and finishing as a psychiatrist. In 1996, Allen took over Lisa Rinna’s role as Billie Reed on Days of Our Lives.

She has experience in recasting. The Bold and the Beautiful has cast Stephanie Allen. She was first a supporting figure but has grown close to Ridge. The character unexpectedly returned to the show in April 2018 before departing once more in 2019.

Introducing Taylor

Taylor’s past has not received little attention. Her mother is Sharon Ashford Hamilton, her father is Jack Hamilton, and between 1991 and 1992, she had an abusive relationship with Blake Hayes.

As seen in one of Taylor’s first episodes, she was known to have a play relationship with Storm Logan while they were both in high school, but it didn’t work out.

Is Taylor Passed Away?

Taylor’s possessions were discovered in the wreckage when her jet fell into the water. Ridge and Brooke finally got back together and wed. Taylor almost passed away in 1999 after getting TB from a homeless guy and refused treatment out of concern for her unborn children.

She became friends with a lady who had been coerced into having an abortion on Ridge’s kid and learned that she was still alive and longed to be with her family. When Taylor was shown an unwrapped condom that Phoebe had discovered, he phoned the immigration office to have Gaby deported.

Sheila persuaded her daughter to seduce Rick even though he was married to Amber because she wanted to offer Erica the life she previously had when married to Eric.

Brook’s Hidden Secret Revealed

Taylor and Eric met in 2014 to discuss Aly Forrester’s rage issues. Taylor casually mentioned that Brooke became pregnant with Bill Spencer’s child before miscarrying it during Brooke’s birthday celebration. Later, Eric told Brooke that Taylor’s storming out was the final straw in their relationship.

Relationship With Thorne

Thorne and Taylor are having sex in 2014 behind a blue curtain, and Aly is telling her secret boyfriend, Oliver Jones, that she still despises Taylor and wants her to avoid her father.

Thorne booked Taylor a trip to Paris as he submitted his resignation as head of shipping in the cellar. They return to Los Angeles together and later begin dating.

Stunning Results 

In 2018, Taylor returned to Los Angeles to confront Bill Spencer about their one-night stand. Taylor, though, confirms that she is the one who shot Bill and claims to have been in town for a time.

Taylor consents to maintain a low profile while in town and restricts his interactions with Steffy to the cliff home while also seeking local counseling. After seeing Taylor yell at a pregnant Hope Logan, Liam changes his mind and chooses to tell her the truth one day.

The hook Up Of Liam And Hope

Reese plots to locate a child and set up an adoption but steal Hope’s kid and defraud Taylor of $250,000s. Taylor didn’t want to see Hope steal Liam.

What Happened To Taylor Hayes on The Bold And The Beautiful
What Happened To Taylor Hayes on The Bold And The Beautiful?

Therefore she decided against attending Liam and Hope’s wedding. As soon as Taylor arrived at the wedding, she begged Liam to make things right.

Caroline’s End

Douglas Forrester’s grandmother Caroline Spencer passed away. Taylor observes a good rapport between Hope and Douglas. Since Hope lost a baby and Douglas lost a mother, she can picture Hope and Thomas being together in her mind as something that would make a lot of sense.

Going back to Los Angeles 

Taylor spent an extended period serving on a mission in Africa, and one day she visited her daughter Steffy at home as a surprise. She also extended an invitation to Sheila Carter, Finn’s birth mother, so that Finn could spend Christmas with her.

Since Brooke is wed to Hayes’s grandpa, Sheila hopes to win the family’s support. Ridge learned from Taylor that Deacon spent the night with Brooke while he was away.

Sheila Shot Steffy And Finn

Ridge and Taylor learned that Steffy was unconscious and that Finn had passed away. Taylor offered Sheila a lot of compassion for losing her kid since she was unaware that Sheila was the one who unintentionally murdered Finn and purposely shot her daughter. 

Taylor attempted to save Sheila when she tried to commit herself by jumping over the hospital roof, but she fell, and Sheila ended up saving her life. After some time, Bridget Forrester gave the family the positive test results, assuring them that she was now strong enough to know the reality.

Ridge And Brooke Are Reunited.

When Ridge learned that Thomas Forrester was aware of Sheila changing the champagne labels and intoxicating her, he began to feel more conflicted about choosing his wife over Taylor. After discovering the truth, Ridge decided to move in with his father, Eric, and Brooke.

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