Is Thomas Forrester leaving the Bold and the Beautiful – Will You Be There, Thomas?

We know that Thomas Forrester on THE BOLD & THE BEAUTIFUL had a variety of personalities over the years but a theatrical past. His admirers are, therefore, concerned about whether he may quit the program.

Following a string of young performers, Drew Tyler Bell made his acting debut as Thomas in 2004. Adam Gregory took over for him in 2010, and Pierson Fodé temporarily filled the position in 2015. He last appeared in the spring of 2018, and B&B again recast the part in March 2019, with Matthew Atkinson taking over.

Thomas’ fed-up life

Thomas was born in 1998 to Taylor Hayes. His baby sister Steffy Forrester was abducted as an infant and was later found dead. His mother passed away after being shot by Sheila Carter, making for a difficult upbringing. Although she initially claimed, Thorne Forrester was the boy’s father. She finally admitted to Ridge Forrester that he was.

Thomas couldn’t believe it when his mother returned from the dead!

Adulthood Of Thomas!

In Las Vegas, Thomas wed Gaby. He left town to pursue his education, then returned to work for Forrester International.

Working with Brooke Logan to create his “Taboo” clothing line, he garnered attention by kissing her on stage at a fashion show.

Before their flight to Sydney, they consumed some berries that weren’t toxic but did give Brooke and Thomas hallucinations.

Hope Logan and Thomas had a relationship, and he even proposed to her, but she declined since she still had emotions for Liam. Hope threw him out after he plotted with Steffy to keep Hope and Liam apart. He later courted Caroline Spencer, making Rick envious.

”Hey Rick, help me open this window?”

The Hope For the Future line was hugely successful, although he and Caroline sought to ruin Rick. Thomas relocated to Paris in 2013 out of frustration.

Caroline was disappointed that Ridge didn’t want kids, but she found solace in Thomas. Ivy was intoxicated and high from anti-anxiety medication when he had a sexual encounter with her.

Ridge and Caroline get back together, are married, and when they found out Caroline was pregnant, Ridge admitted he’d had a vasectomy, making Thomas the biological father. To exclude his son, Ridge was outraged and claimed paternity for himself.

After Douglas was born, Ridge eventually admitted to Thomas that he was the boy’s father, despite their brief affair. Although Thomas promised Caroline he would maintain the secret as long as he could still be there in Caroline’s child’s life, the truth finally came to light, and Caroline and Ridge parted ways. With their kid, Thomas and Caroline relocated to New York, but following their divorce, he returned to L.A.

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Thomas, dissatisfied with his position at Forrester, was delighted to collaborate with the young Sally Spectra in her quest to resurrect Spectra Fashions.

Is Thomas Forrester leaving the Bold and the Beautiful - Will You Be There, Thomas
Is Thomas Forrester leaving the Bold and the Beautiful – Will You Be There, Thomas?

Although Thomas initially considered himself a suspect in Bill’s murder, he eventually convinced Sally to accompany him back to New York.

Thomas wanted to be one happy family, but Hope just wanted the kid.

Thomas coerced Douglas into proposing to Hope on his behalf after having Liam take drugs so he would have sex with Steffy. Additionally, he required Hope to sleep with him as part of the agreement when she sought custody of Douglas.

Hope was able to get Thomas to sign documents granting her joint custody, but during a chase through the Forrester Creations backstage area, Thomas slipped over a railing and into an acid vat. Hope was happy to see him again after telling Brooke and Ridge what she had done.

Thomas’ obsession with Hope took a very twisted turn!

When Thomas Forrester vanished, it was discovered that he had committed suicide. He had been having an affair with Vinny Walker, Steffy’s lab technician. When Hope came upon him, she pushed him to accept her as his own and remove her from Liam.

Thomas wanted to spend more time with his son.

In Paris, Thomas and Steffy shared a room. When Thomas professed his affection for her, she reminded him she already had a boyfriend. On New Year’s Eve, Thomas found out Brooke had kissed Deacon, and later, he understood Sheila had driven Brooke off the wagon. As they worked on her new line for Hope for the Future, he also started to exhaust Hope.

I hope Thomas has stolen all your heart, and what would happen if he left the show?

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