The Bold and the Beautiful Cast 2023

Step into the captivating world of The Bold and the Beautiful as we introduce you to the amazing cast of 2023. From the charismatic Ridge Forrester to the iconic Brooke Logan and the prodigal son Thomas Forrester, these talented actors bring their characters to life with flair and passion. Join us as we dive into their impressive careers and personal stories.

Thorsten Kaye (Ridge Forrester)

Thorsten Kaye portrays the charismatic “Ridge Forrester” on The Bold and the Beautiful. He hails from Germany and spent his formative years in England. He is an admiringly talented actor with a Bachelor’s Degree in Fine Arts and a Master’s Degree in Theater.

With a fantastic theater, television, and stage career, Kaye has achieved multiple Daytime Emmy nominations. He holds the unique distinction of being nominated in the Lead Actor category on three different shows.

Kaye also appeared on Smash and co-hosted The View. He resides on the east coast with his wife and daughters, commuting to Los Angeles for filming. His birthday is on February 22.

Character NameRidge Forrester
Portrayed ByThorsten Kaye
First Appearance1987
Date Of BirthFebruary 22
Current StatusPresent

Katherine Kelly Lang (Brooke Logan)

Katherine Kelly Lang has brought to the iconic character Brooke Logan Forrester on B&B since its debut in 1987. Lang received Daytime Emmy nominations for her outstanding performances. Her passion for acting began with her role in “Skatetown USA.”

She has appeared in numerous TV shows, films, and music videos. Lang is also an avid athlete in triathlons and Ironman competitions worldwide.

Character NameBrooke Logan
Portrayed ByKatherine Kelly Lang
First AppearanceMarch 23, 1987
Current StatusPresent

Matthew Atkinson (Thomas Forrester)

In The Bold and the Beautiful, Matthew Atkinson starts the role of Thomas Forrester, the prodigal son. He began his television career on One Tree Hill and appeared in The Blind Side.

The Bold and the Beautiful Cast 2023
The Bold and the Beautiful Cast 2023

Atkinson’s credits also include CSI, Drop Dead Diva, and Jane by Design. Mathew was born in Marietta, GA. He is both an actor and musician. Atkinson’s birthday is on December 27th.

Character NameThomas Forrester
Portrayed ByMatthew Atkinson
First AppearanceJanuary 7, 1998
Date Of BirthDecember 27
Current StatusPresent

Annika Noelle (Hope Logan)

Annika Noelle portrays the compassionate “Hope Logan” in The Bold and the Beautiful. Hailing from Boston, Massachusetts, she discovered her passion for performing at a young age and has worked on stage and in films like Jersey Boys.

Annika earned an Emmy nomination for her role on B&B and advocates for environmental conservation and animal welfare. Her birthday is on December 24th.

Character NameHope Logan
Portrayed ByAnnika Noelle
First AppearanceJuly 2, 2002
Date Of BirthDecember 24
Current StatusPresent

Scott Clifton (Liam Spencer)

In The Bold and the Beautiful, the character of Liam Spencer is brought to life by Scott Clifton. He’s an Emmy-winning actor with a rich history in daytime television, having appeared in One Life to Live and General Hospital.

Clifton is also a gifted singer-songwriter and has released several albums. He resides in LA with his beautiful wife and son. His birthday is on October 31st.

Character NameLiam Spencer
Portrayed ByScott Clifton
First AppearanceJuly 19, 2010
Date Of BirthOctober 31
Current StatusPresent

Krista Allen (Taylor Hayes)

Krista Allen portrays the renowned psychiatrist Dr. Taylor Hayes in The Bold and Beautiful. She had a successful career in television and film. She takes pride in being a parent to her son, Jake Moritt.

Character NameTaylor Hayes
Portrayed ByKrista Allen
First AppearanceJune 6, 1990
Current StatusPresent

Kimberlin Brown (Sheila Carter)

Kimberlin Brown portrays the iconic villainess “Sheila Carter” on The Bold and the Beautiful. She has had a remarkable career spanning both daytime dramas and films. Brown is fond of design and owns her own design business.

She is interested in political activism and actively partakes in charity work. She resides in San Diego with her family. Her birthday is on April 29th.

Character NameSheila Carter
Portrayed ByKimberlin Brown
First AppearanceMay 8, 1992
Date Of BirthApril 29
Current StatusPresent

Darin Brooks (Wyatt Spencer)

Darin Brooks portrays Wyatt Spencer in The Bold and the Beautiful. He is a Daytime Emmy Award-winning actor known for his Blue Mountain State and DOOL roles.

Brooks has appeared in miscellaneous TV shows and films and is an avid surfer and musician. He lives in Los Angeles with his wife and daughter.

Character NameWyatt Spencer
Portrayed ByDarin Brooks
First AppearanceJune 21, 2013
Current StatusPresent

Jennifer Gareis (Donna Logan)

Jennifer Gareis is the one who is behind your favorite Donna Logan. She is one of the Logan sisters on B&B. Also, she held hands with another famous soap, The Young and the Restless.

Gareis began her career as a model and had a background in swimming. She currently lives in Los Angeles with her husband and children.

Character NameDonna Logan
Portrayed ByJennifer Gareis
First AppearanceMarch 23, 1987
Current StatusPresent

John McCook (Eric Forrester)

John McCook portrays Eric Forrester, the patriarch of the Forrester Creations fashion dynasty, on The Bold and the Beautiful. With a career spanning stage, television, and film, McCook has appeared in multiple productions and is known for his musical theater roles. He tied the knot with the actress Laurette Spang and has four children and five cute grandchildren.

Character NameEric Forrester
Portrayed ByJohn McCook
First AppearanceMarch 23, 1987
Current StatusPresent

Rena Sofer (Quinn Fuller)

Rena Sofer portrays Quinn Fuller on The Bold and Beautiful. She started her career as an actor when she was young. She has made appearances in a multitude of television shows and films. She resides in LA with her fiancé and daughters.

Character NameQuinn Fuller
Portrayed ByRena Sofer
First AppearanceJune 12, 2013
Current StatusPresent

Lawrence Saint-Victor (Carter Walton)

Lawrence Saint-Victor embodies the role of Carter Walton on The Bold and the Beautiful, portraying a reliable lawyer who also serves as the Chief Operating Officer (COO) at Forrester Creations.

He joined the writing team in 2015. Saint-Victor has appeared in various television shows, received an NAACP Image Award nomination, and co-created a digital series. He resides in LA with his pretty wife and son. His birthday is on June 14th.

Character NameCarter Walton
Portrayed ByLawrence Saint-Victor
First AppearanceJanuary 31, 2013
Date Of BirthJune 14
Current StatusPresent

Jacqueline MacInnes (Steffy Forrester)

Emmy award-winning Jacqueline MacInnes Wood portrays “Steffy Forrester,” the sexy and compassionate fashion executive on The Bold and the Beautiful.

Bold and the Beautiful Cast 2023
Bold and the Beautiful Cast 2023

Originally from Windsor, Canada, she has appeared in different TV shows and films, receiving honors for her role. MacInnes Wood resides in Los Angeles with her husband and sons. Her birthday is on April 17th.

Character NameSteffy Forrester
Portrayed ByJacqueline MacInnes Wood
First AppearanceSeptember 21, 1999
Date Of BirthApril 17
Current StatusPresent

Diamond White (Paris Buckingham)

Diamond White stars as Paris Buckingham, the kind-hearted and lively younger sister on The Bold and the Beautiful. Starting her career at a young age, she gained recognition through The X Factor and has appeared in various TV shows and films. White, a native of Detroit, celebrates her birthday on January 1st.

Character NameParis Buckingham
Portrayed ByDiamond White
First AppearanceNovember 2, 2020
Date Of BirthJanuary 1
Current StatusPresent

Heather Tom (Katie Logan)

Heather Tom, a five-time Emmy Award winner, portrays Katie Logan on The Bold and the Beautiful. With a record-breaking career in television, she has won Emmys in all three performer categories. She began acting young and has appeared in various TV shows, films, and theater productions.

Heather is energetically involved in generosity work and is passionate about politics. She resides in LA with her handsome husband and a cute son.

Character NameKatie Logan
Portrayed ByHeather Tom
First AppearanceMarch 23, 1987
Current StatusPresent

Don Diamont (Bill Spencer)

Don Diamont portrays Bill Spencer, the charismatic and cutthroat patriarch of the Spencer Media Empire, on The Bold and the Beautiful. He made history as the first daytime actor featured in People Magazine’s “50 Most Beautiful” and “Sexiest Man Alive” issues.

Diamont has established himself as a versatile actor with roles in various TV shows and films. He also authorizes the autobiography My Seven Sons and How We Raised Each Other. Diamont resides in Los Angeles with his wife and children.

Character NameBill Spencer
Portrayed ByDon Diamont
First AppearanceMarch 12, 2009
Current StatusPresent

Kiara Barnes (Zoe Buckingham)

Zoe Buckingham, portrayed by Kiara Barnes, is a character on the soap opera “The Bold and the Beautiful.” She is the daughter of Reese and Grace Buckingham and the older sister of Paris Buckingham.

Zoe initially fought for Xander’s love and later got involved in the baby switch storyline. After returning to Los Angeles, she finds herself in a difficult financial situation and crosses paths with Thomas Forrester.

Character NameZoe Buckingham
Portrayed ByKiara Barnes
First AppearanceJune 9, 2018
Current StatusPresent

Naomi Matsuda (Li Finnegan)

Dr. Li Finnegan, played by Naomi Matsuda, is a character in The Bold and the Beautiful. She is the adoptive mom of Dr. Finn Finnegan and the estranged wife of Jack Finnegan. Li’s world is turned upside down when she finds that Finn’s biological mother, Sheila Carter, has a history of crimes against Steffy Forrester’s family.

After Finn learns the truth, Li supports him, and they reconcile. Li faces numerous challenges, including a confrontation with Sheila, who seemingly causes her death. However, Li survives and reunites with Finn, forming a bond with Bill Spencer Jr. and continuing her conflict with Sheila.

Character NameDr. Li Finnegan
Portrayed ByNaomi Matsuda
First AppearanceAugust 2, 2021
Current StatusPresent

Ted King (Jack Finnegan)

Jack Finnegan, portrayed by Ted King, is a character in The Bold and the Beautiful. He faced various challenges, including conceiving a child with his wife, Li. Jack had an affair with nurse Sheila Carter, resulting in the birth of their son Finn.

Complicated storylines involve Jack’s dilemma of revealing the truth, helping Sheila, confessing to Finn, losing Finn, and ultimately encountering Sheila’s plea for help in jail. Throughout the series, their past connection continues to haunt Jack.

Character NameJack Finnegan
Portrayed ByTed King
First AppearanceJuly 30, 2021
Current StatusPresent

Henry Joseph Samiri (Douglas Forrester)

Douglas Forrester, portrayed by Henry Joseph Samiri on The Bold and the Beautiful, is the son of Thomas Forrester and the late Caroline Spencer II. He lives with his legal guardian Hope Logan in the Logan cabin and shares a custody agreement with his father.

Douglas plays a pivotal role in various storylines, including the revelation of his paternity, his involvement in Thomas’s schemes, and the custody issues surrounding his upbringing. Despite the challenges he faces, Douglas brings emotional depth and intriguing dynamics to the show.

Character NameDouglas Forrester
Portrayed ByHenry Joseph Samiri 
First AppearanceMarch 8, 2016
Date of BirthMarch 8, 2012
Current StatusPresent

Sophia Paras Mckinlay  (Kelly Spencer)

Kelly Spencer is the daughter of Steffy Forrester and Liam Spencer on the soap opera “The Bold and the Beautiful.” Born on June 4, 2018, Kelly is named after her late grandmother, Kelly Hopkins.

She faced challenges in her early childhood, including her parents’ complicated relationship and the loss of her sister, but she has found happiness with her family, including her stepfather Finn and her brother Hayes.

Character NameKelly Spencer
Portrayed BySophia Paras Mckinlay 
First AppearanceJune 4, 2018
Date Of BirthJune 4, 2018
Current StatusPresent

Signing Off

As we conclude our exploration of The Bold and the Beautiful’s 2023 cast, it’s clear that these actors are true masters of their craft. Their commitment and dedication have made the show a long-standing success, captivating audiences worldwide. Let us wait and see what future story plots they will bring to our screens.

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