Designing Discord, Ridge’s Solo Approach Deepens the Divide on The Bold and The Beautiful

As Eric battles for his life, Ridge’s decisions drive a wedge between his son and nephew on “The Bold and the Beautiful.” Zende’s desire to contribute to Eric’s final collection unravels a tale of missed opportunities and family tensions.

Ridge’s Unseen Divide

In The Bold and the Beautiful, while Eric fights for his life, Ridge makes decisions that are upsetting his son and nephew. How come he is blind to what he is doing?

When Zende realized that RJ had helped Eric finish his line, he felt like he had been pushed aside. But in learning that RJ was helping because of Eric’s health problems, he understood why he had not been invited.

However, Zende now wants to help Eric finish his final line, so he visits Ridge in the hopes that RJ’s help will allow the two designers to collaborate on the collection. It would be a great chance for RJ to develop personally and learn new abilities.

When Ridge disclosed his intention to collaborate with RJ and to have already planned to complete Eric’s line, Zende was taken aback.

Ridge's solo design decisions create family discord
Ridge’s solo design decisions create family discord.

He extended an olive branch by giving Zende, a highly skilled and professionally trained designer, the opportunity to help Ridge and RJ with the line. Nepotism is becoming more apparent now than it was not before.

Missed Opportunity for Unity

It was Ridge’s chance to unite them all. To have had RJ, Zende, Thomas, and Hope assist him in finishing Eric’s last line, he could have had the entire family pitch in.

It would have served as a means of bringing the Forresters together and giving them a chance to participate in something truly unique.

Rather than asking for help, Ridge wants to handle it alone and with his son by his side. It makes sense from his point of view, so it is not inexplicable.

But it is a terrible optical job. This will not help the tension that already exists between RJ and Zende to disappear. In addition to allowing Zende to shine with Eric’s final collection, Ridge should be working to bring everyone together during this trying time.

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