Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers June 22: Major turning point for LOPE, the leaked script

The Bold and the Beautiful (B&B) spoilers for Thursday, June 22, well, no! Not according to the latest spoilers, but according to the leaked script we have been talking about all along! The turning point for one of the couples, and woo!

Steffy and Liam?

According to The Bold and the Beautiful spoilers for Thursday, June 22, Hope and Thomas are about to have a big moment in front of the Colosseum. A script shot from a recent behind-the-scenes video has leaked, giving away all the juicy information about what is about to happen!

Upon seeing Hope start kissing Thomas, Liam in the scene falls to the ground and into Steffy’s arms. Steffy embraces Liam, wondering if he misread the situation, but he is “certain” about what he saw.

Hope’s eyes and the way she leaned in while standing with Thomas in front of the Colosseum are both visible to Liam, who continues that there is no other explanation. Hope was present everywhere. According to Liam, she wanted Thomas, according to the leaked script.

As a horrified Liam recounts the story, he admits to seeing something he will never be able to forget: his wife kissing Steffy’s brother! Hope’s planned kiss on Thomas will likely draw a lot of attention and be set against the Colosseum because the show wants to highlight Rome’s splendor while they are there. After witnessing the kiss, Liam will be able to deduce that Hope initiated it.

The leaked script: Thope kiss

We now know that Hope will start a kiss between Thomas and Liam that Liam witnesses. This information answers many B&B fans’ questions about what this storyline was building to.

The Bold and the Beautiful: Leaked Script Discloses Before the Colosseum, Hope kisses Thomas, and Liam stumbles into Steffy’s arms. Liam will then go and sob to Steffy about the horror of it all, turning to his ex-girlfriend in a time of need. As he accepts her consoling embrace, Liam will track down Steffy and spill the entire unpleasant tale.

Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers June 22 Major turning point for LOPE, the leaked script
Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers June 22: Major turning point for LOPE, the leaked script

You can bet the drama will pick up once Liam confronts Hope because The Bold and the Beautiful spoilers indicate that he will do so at some point. After adamantly stating there was no need for concern and denying her feelings for Thomas, Hope will need to give some explanations.

We feel you, Liam!

Hope will be held accountable because Liam will lose his cool over this romantic development. Do you anticipate watching the action in Italy? Do you think Liam will leave Hope because of this shocking event in Rome, or will “Lope” withstand this devastating blow?

According to The Bold and the Beautiful spoilers, Hope and Liam’s marriage will be in jeopardy, so stay with us for updates on all the amazing news that will soon be revealed.

What will happen to ‘Bridge’?

When it comes to choosing a partner for himself, Ridge Forrester will finally put all of his doubts to rest and choose Brooke Logan. Ridge will have to scramble to find Brooke if they become separated in some circumstances.

Ridge will be relieved when he finds Brooke and they have a passionate conversation and make-out session because time will be of the essence for some reason.

Ridge and Brooke will reportedly celebrate their formal reconciliation on June 25, which will be topped off by Andrea Bocelli’s breathtaking musical performance.

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