Bold and Beautiful Spoilers June 27 2023: Bitter Taylor, Liam quizzes Hope

The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers for Tuesday, June 27 are here. If life gives you a lemon, you make lemonade, but our favorite BB fellows don’t do that.

They reverse their lemonade to lemon! Want to know the whole story? Read the spoilers below.

Is Taylor the bitter ex-girlfriend or a bitter ex-best friend?

Taylor is worried about the future, according to spoilers for Tuesday, June 27’s episode of The Bold and the Beautiful. However, if you ask us, she has no reason to, especially if the soap opera initiates this canvas-shaking hookup. In the end, Brooke and Ridge will let everyone know about their reunion, but Taylor will not be happy.

When Taylor learns that Ridge has chosen Brooke for the nth time, she will probably warn that it will not last. In Taylor’s opinion, the relationship between Brooke and Ridge will always end tragically. B&B spoilers indicate that Taylor and Brooke will likely get into another shouting match, so Ridge may wind up serving as the referee.

Is this not what we all anticipated? Well, the least we could have anticipated was an upset ex. Just let us hope Taylor does not turn into a villain or evil Taylor in the course of the story. Taylor needs a new man to fall in love with. No more chasing Ridge around.

A LOPE Quiz: Liam has got pans!

Hope’s trust in Liam and their union is put to the test.  Okay, how? By displaying our photo gallery of the epic “Lope” romance to her and testing her memory for how many twists and turns there were? Liam will not understand why this time should be any different from the time Thomas pretended to be a nice guy before blowing it all up.

No matter how frequently Liam hears that Thomas has changed, he will always be concerned that Thomas is simply a more skilled liar and manipulator.

Bold and Beautiful Spoilers June 27 2023: Bitter Taylor, Liam quizzes Hope
Bold and Beautiful Spoilers June 27 2023: Bitter Taylor, Liam quizzes Hope

Liam worries that Thomas will see Hope’s trip to Italy as the perfect opportunity to get closer to her and will work to stop him from accompanying her to Rome. 

Liam will undoubtedly learn more about Hope’s choice and worry that she is setting herself up for disaster. Do not miss what is in store; according to The Bold and the Beautiful spoilers, this trip to Rome may result in terrible news for Hope and Liam’s marriage!

Hope should be genuinely worried now, it’s not just Liam she’s messing with. Thomas, who has previously been fixated on her, is being unleashed by the beast that she is.

Although he has received therapy, is it enough to allow him to maintain perspective in this situation?  Do you think he will lose his mind? Whether Hope? We are eager to learn more.

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