Young and Restless Spoilers Next 2 Weeks for June 26 to July 7: Kyle cheated on Summer, and Cameron is back

The Young and the Restless Spoilers for the upcoming two weeks, from June 26 to July 7, indicate that there will be a lot going on that you might not have anticipated.

Adam and Sally are dealing with their issues, and Summer and Kyle’s marriage is over. Nate appears to be content in the meantime, and guess who surprises Sharon?

Summer is heartbroken

Summer Newman will be compelled to leave by Kyle. Kyle will sever their relationship formally during the week of June 26–30. Summer will turn to Nick for assistance after receiving some consolation from Chance.

In addition to providing updates on the separation news, Summer will express concern that there is no turning back.

Kyle and Audra – Guilty pleasure

Nick will be enraged at Phyllis for what she caused and will be praying that Kyle will soon decide to forgive Summer. In the interim, Kyle will down some beverages and spend a steamy night in bed with Audra.

Even though Kyle will have a good time, he will struggle with regrets after the fact. Audra might concur that both personally and professionally, things are going according to plan for her as well.

According to spoilers for The Young and the Restless, Kyle will play a risky game, which may involve getting intimate with Audra once more. Because of their attraction, will Kyle engage in a full-fledged affair?

Phyllis meets Michael

Phyllis, meanwhile, will meet Michael in secret and hope that something constructive has happened in regard to her case. Sadly, it does not appear as though much will have changed-at least not yet.

Even if EMT Carson is not located to support Phyllis’ account of what happened to Jeremy, she may still be facing serious charges and jail time.

Sally will then encounter a challenging reminder about her past, which will make her baby’s loss even more difficult to handle.

Victor to test Nate

According to additional Y&R spoilers, Victor will put Nate to the test. Nate might be persuaded by Victor to decline the interim COO position Victoria has extended to him.

Victor might concur with Nick that this is a good way for Nate to demonstrate his lack of agenda. Nate might refuse to reject Victoria, though, as he does want to keep moving up the corporate ladder.

Ashley plans revenge

Ashley will be thinking about getting back to you. Jack will undoubtedly be hit in the crossfire even though Diane will undoubtedly be the target. ‘Billy will doubt the decisions his brother is making, which suggests that Ashley’s action will cause Jack to take a risky action.

Sharon receives a surprise

There will be a crisis that Jack will need to handle, and Mariah might help out through the PR team since she will be working with Kyle on a plan.

Nick will present Sharon with the package once it has been delivered. When Sharon opens it, she will discover some items Cameron left for her through the executor of his estate.

Young and Restless Spoilers Next 2 Weeks for  June 26 to July 7 Kyle cheated on Summer, and Cameron is back
Young and Restless Spoilers Next 2 Weeks for  June 26 to July 7

There will be some unsettling times for Sharon, but she might use the things Cameron left her in the end. With the money and businesses Cameron had, Sharon might be able to accomplish something constructive. It would be a nice way to make up for all the bad Cameron created while he was alive.

Nate is happy

Adam will be caught off guard by Nikki during the week of July 3–7. Nikki might express her sympathies and make it seem sincere that she wishes the baby’s circumstances had been different.

Through Newman’s inevitable conflict with McCall Unlimited, Nikki might also be hoping that Adam can assist in bringing Nate down a notch. For the time being, Nate will give himself a high five and raise a glass to his triumph.

What is Lilly up to?

It sounds like Lily might take over Devon’s penthouse because she will make a significant move across town. Chance has asked Devon and Abby to move into the Chancellor’s mansion with Dominic, leaving Devon’s old house vacant and ready for Lily to move in.

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