Maxie Jones Weight Gain: Is Kirsten Storms pregnant in real life?

Kirsten Storms constantly gets tagged as being “pregnant in real life” while portraying a pregnant Maxie on General Hospital. Either it is a staged photo of a baby bump or it is a production-related video. In any case, let us find out what the rumors are right now.

Who is Maxie on General Hospital?

The oldest child of the powerful couple Frisco Jones and Felicia Cummings is Maxie Jones, who was raised for the majority of her life by Mac Scorpio. In the eleven years between 1993 and 2004, Robyn Richards filled the role just once.

The role was later filled by Kirsten Storms. Storms’ prolonged medical leave necessitated a temporary recasting of the part with Jen Lilley in 2011. Since then, Storms has reclaimed the leadership role. Storms received a Daytime Emmy nomination for her 2009 performance as Maxie Jones.

How did the rumors start?

The actress confirmed the child is a fictional creation by sharing a picture from the show’s wardrobe team. She captioned the selfie in the mirror that featured her “returning to work outfit of the day” with the phrase “Back at GH after a lovely winter break.”

“Until I put on my fake pregnancy belly and clothes.” When it was revealed that her character Maxie was carrying James, the child of her and Nathan, Kirsten discovered that viewers on the show jumped to conclusions.

Again, Kirsten Storms, who plays Maxie on General Hospital, is not pregnant despite the character having a child. As soon as she got back to the studio on Jan. 21, the actress posted a picture from the soap opera’s wardrobe section and made sure to remind fans that this baby is fictitious.

She captioned the selfie she took in front of the mirror, showcasing her “returning to work outfit of the day,” “Back at GH after a lovely winter break.”

Is Kirsten Storms pregnant in real life?

Despite portraying a pregnant Maxie on General Hospital, Kirsten Storms is not a real-life mother. The Bold & The Beautiful, which featured Jacqueline MacInnes Wood as Steffy and who was expecting her fourth child in 2023, was one soap that occasionally wrote about an actress’ real-life pregnancy, but most of the time it was just the character who was pregnant, with wardrobe providing the star with a padded baby bump and maternity clothes to wear throughout the plot.

Maxie’s real-life romance life

General Hospital’s Kirsten is dating Elias Paul Reidy, a former guitarist for the Red Jumpsuit Apparatus. Kirsten and Elias have been dating since 2007. Elias and Kirsten cohabitated following Kirsten’s divorce.

Maxie Jones Weight Gain Is Kirsten Storms pregnant in real life
Maxie Jones Weight Gain / ABC

Kirsten and Elias reportedly have a long history of on-and-off relationships. They lived together from 2007 to 2011, according to reports in the media.

In May 2018, Elias and Kirsten reestablished contact. The couple was still cohabitating as of June 2021, but they were neither engaged nor hitched.

The couple does not appear to be particularly eager to make that decision. The fact that Kirsten is content and that she recovered from her brain surgery well, however, is appreciated by her fans. Additionally, Kirsten has escaped Covid.

Fans are eager to learn what will happen to Maxie’s future because they love Kristen. Fans do, however, fervently desire that Maxie reclaim her daughter and permanently get rid of Peter. Some fans wish that Maxie would remove Peter herself rather than delegating the task to a villain.

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Maxie Jones – FAQs

Is the actress that plays Maxie on General Hospital pregnant in real life?

Neither a child nor Kirsten Storms are present. In other words, even though Kirsten Storms portrays a pregnant woman on General Hospital, she is not carrying a child.

What happened to Maxie Fingers on General Hospital?

I figured some of you might be interested in learning why I am rocking this brace since I will be wearing it on the show. Storms attempted to swing a large trash bag into a trash can while taking out the garbage, but the momentum that followed caused the bag to spin at an injury-risking rate.

What happened to Maxie and Nathan on General Hospital?

Due to her conflicting feelings for Nathan, her ex-fiance, and Damian Spinelli, the father of her young daughter, Maxie and Nathan ended their relationship in March 2015. Maxie admitted to Nathan that she loved him and that he was the person she wanted to spend her life within May 2015.

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