What happened to Mimi on OutDaughtered? Has she left the show and her family?

Meet Grandma Mimi, the adored Louisianan real estate agent who moved to Houston, Texas, to be nearer to the Busby family. Mimi moved in with the Busbys to help them following the birth of their quintuplet daughters after Hurricane Harvey destroyed her home. Find out more about her uplifting tale and career as a Keller Williams Realty agent.

OutDaughtered: What is it?

OutDaughtered is a famous American reality series. Adam and Danielle Busby, the only known American parents of all-girl quintuplets, are featured in it on TLC. On July 11, 2023, the forthcoming ninth season is scheduled to debut.

Parents should be aware that the reality series OutDaughtered follows a family who is raising six daughters, including a pair of quintuplets. When the babies are delivered, given vaccinations, and occasionally treated for medical issues, there is some dubious language and a few difficult moments. Although there is some sexual innuendo, this reality show is one of the most innocent ones available.

The show gives viewers a close-up view into the Busby home, highlighting the joy, fun, and occasionally chaotic atmosphere that comes with having a big family. Every episode features uplifting scenes, celebrations of significant anniversaries, and realistic situations that appeal to viewers all over the world.

Grandma Mimi: Who is she?

To be nearer to the Busby family in Houston, Texas, Michelle Theriot, well known as Grandma Mimi, relocated from her native Louisiana.

She originally moved in with them after her home was devastated shortly after Danielle and Adam’s quintuplet daughters were born.

Hurricane Harvey, which struck southeast Texas in 2017, caused her home to flood with more than a foot of water.

Mimi is a real estate agent for Keller Williams Realty in her professional capacity.

What happened to Mimi on OutDaughtered?

Michelle “MiMi” Theriot, a well-known character on the reality television series OutDaughtered, encountered legal issues after being detained for DUI in October 2020.

The authorities noticed a strong perfume fragrance coming from her car during the incident, a trick frequently used by intoxicated drivers to hide the smell of alcohol. MiMi was then placed in detention after failing the sobriety tests.

The OutDaughtered family has avoided talking about MiMi on their social media outlets since her DUI arrest. In the past, she routinely made appearances at family events and in posts on social media.

What happened to Mimi on OutDaughtered
What happened to Mimi on OutDaughtered?

The older daughters and grandkids of MiMi were close friends. It’s unclear if her family has completely cut ties with her or if they’ve decided to keep their social media presence to a minimum to prevent unfavorable press coverage.

Fans of OutDaughtered are left wondering if MiMi will return in the upcoming Season 9 after she disappeared from the family’s social media presence. The new season’s trailer for TLC was released, although MiMi was not depicted in the two-minute clip.

Will MiMi Appear In ‘OutDaughtered’ Season 9?

The new season’s trailer was released by TLC, and MiMi was not depicted in the two-minute clip. Not everything from the entire season is displayed because it only provides a tiny sneak look. So it’s feasible that MiMi will eventually appear in the show.

However, given that she has been quiet lately and hasn’t been active on the family’s social media accounts, it wouldn’t be shocking if she didn’t appear in the upcoming season at all.

It seems that opinions on MiMi’s participation in the show following her DUI incident are divided among OutDaughtered viewers. While some fans might want to see her back on film, others might prefer that she stay out of the public eye and have a private life.

Fans are unsure of MiMi’s future on OutDaughtered due to her absence from social media and the omission of her in the Season 9 trailer. After being arrested for DUI, it is unclear if MiMi will return to the show or decide to lead a private life.

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OutDaughtered – FAQs

What caused OutDaughtered’s Grandma Mimi to be imprisoned?

OUTDAUGHTERED grandmother Michelle “Mimi” Theriot was detained for DUI after she allegedly “tried to mask alcohol with perfume.”

On OutDaughtered, what happened to MiMi?

After being detained for driving while intoxicated (DUI) in October 2020, Michelle “MiMi” Theriot, a key character on the reality TV series OutDaughtered, encountered legal issues.

On OutDaughtered, where can I find MiMi?

Currently, the reality television program OutDaughtered does not feature MiMi, a.k.a. Michelle Theriot. The Instagram accounts of Adam, Danielle, Uncle Dale, and Aunt KiKi haven’t recently featured her or posted anything about her since her DUI arrest in October 2020.

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