What happened to Morgan Freeman’s hand? Morgan Freeman Can’t Use His Left Hand, He Hides It with a Glove

Morgan Freeman has been known to wear a glove on his left hand during infrequent public appearances. The reason behind this has piqued the interest of fans. The Million Dollar Baby actor has previously spoken out about his ongoing medical struggles, which have permanently limited his range of motion. 

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What happened to Morgan Freeman’s hand?

Morgan suffered from Fibromyalgia. 

As per the Mayo Clinic, fibromyalgia is a condition that is marked by extensive pain in the musculoskeletal system along with symptoms like fatigue, sleep disturbances, memory problems, and mood swings. 

At the 2023 Oscars, Morgan walked out onto the stage with Margot Robbie, who grabbed onto his left forearm. The Driving Miss Daisy actor sported a black glove on his left hand and a black tuxedo to deliver a tribute to Warner Bros.’ 100th anniversary. Twitter was full of questions about his choice to cover his hand during the film’s biggest night. 

Morgan was seriously hurt in an automobile accident in Mississippi in August of 2008. He sustained a broken arm and a broken shoulder after the fiery crash in which his car flipped several times. The Oscar winner was 71 years old at the time of the accident, which has continued to affect his life more than a decade later. 

“I sustained nerve damage, and things have not improved. When asked about his hand in 2010 he said, “I can’t move it.” 

What happened to Morgan Freeman's hand
Morgan Freeman

Though Morgan underwent surgery to repair nerve damage, his left-hand remains immobile. The Glory actor had to learn how to perform daily tasks with his right hand. 

For the majority of his red-carpet appearances, Morgan wears a compression glove to help with blood flow and hand pain to combat his disorder. The legendary actor wore a glove during the 2022 World Cup opening ceremony in Qatar and his 2018 appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live!

In November 2023, while making a rare appearance in New York City, Morgan was filmed by onlookers. The actor got into a car while waving to fans with his right hand while holding a glove on his left.  

What happened to Morgan Freeman’s career?

Freeman is 86 years old and still works steadily. Josh Hutcherson co-stars in his newest film, 57 Seconds, a science fiction thriller set in 2023. The actor is aware that people no longer ask him to bring iconic characters to life; instead, they ask him to be himself.

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