What happened to Derek Morgan on Criminal Minds? A Complex and Beloved Character

Derek Morgan, portrayed by Shemar Moore, was a beloved and enduring character in the long-successful series Criminal Minds. Throughout his journey on the show, Derek Morgan evolved from a lighthearted character to a more weathered and complex individual, overcoming a traumatic past and facing personal challenges.

In the episode titled “Derek,” Morgan is captured and subjected to horrific torture, an ordeal that profoundly affects him. Later, when his pregnant wife Savannah is shot, Morgan finds himself at a crossroads.

After helping capture the culprit and witnessing the birth of their son Hank, named after his late father, Morgan decides to bid farewell to the team and leave the Behavioral Analysis Unit (BAU).

What happened to Derek Morgan on Criminal Minds?

After eleven seasons, Moore decided to leave the show, and the reason behind Morgan’s departure was entirely the actor’s choice.

Since leaving Criminal Minds, Shemar Moore has taken on various roles in law enforcement-themed series and movies. He currently stars in the CBS action series S.W.A.T. as Sergeant Daniel “Hondo” Harrelson.

Additionally, Moore has ventured into voice acting, portraying Victor Stone (Cyborg) in several DC animated movies. He played FBI agent Randall Handel in Sonic the Hedgehog 2.

Why did Shemar Moore leave Criminal Minds?

Unlike some other character exits on Criminal Minds, there were no behind-the-scenes controversies or dramas involved in Morgan’s departure.

Shemar Moore simply felt that after exploring every facet of Morgan’s character, it was time for him to pursue other projects and give time to his personal life. Filming a network show like Criminal Minds is a demanding ten-month commitment each season, leaving little room for other ventures.

Will Shemar Moore return to Criminal Minds?

Despite his departure, Shemar Moore has made sporadic returns to Criminal Minds in guest appearances. In these cameos, he provided emotional support to his former colleagues and continued to be a fan-favorite character.

What happened to Derek Morgan on Criminal Minds
What happened to Derek Morgan on Criminal Minds?

Whether he will return for the rumored revival of Criminal Minds remains uncertain, but his willingness to make special appearances suggests the possibility.

Shemar Moore’s recent battle to save his show, S.W.A.T., from cancellation also raises hope for Derek Morgan’s potential return to Criminal Minds. As the final season of S.W.A.T. approaches, Moore’s dedication to his projects and fans leaves the door open for a heartwarming reunion with the BAU team in the future.

Fans may eagerly anticipate one last encounter with the beloved character, reminding us that in the world of television, surprises and reunions are always possible.

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Derek Morgan – FAQs

Will Derek Morgan return?

In January, the show’s creator, Erica Messer, broke this terrible news to TVLine and explained why there won’t be another Morgan/Garcia reunion for nostalgia’s sake.

What caused Reid to leave Criminal Minds?

Reid, who left the squad to take on secret missions, is now one of them. In actuality, Gray Gubler stated that he prefers to work on other projects and has no interest in playing the same character in Criminal Minds: Evolution’s season 16. He performed the role of Dr.

Who took Derek Morgan’s place on Criminal Minds?

On Criminal Minds, Adam Rodriguez will take Shemar Moore’s position, but in Reid’s heart, Derek Morgan is irreplaceable.

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