What Happened to Crosshairs Hand? Crosshair Losing His Hand Continues a Star Wars Tradition

Star Wars: The Bad Batch subverts a popular Star Wars cliché in the most exquisite way possible in the series finale. The season 3 finale of The Bad Batch is full of surprises and turns that finally bring Clone Force 99 to a joyful and tranquil conclusion.

There are not only some dark and dangerous moments but also some head nods to Star Wars movies and shows of old – particularly with the implementation of one iconic Star Wars trope in Crosshair’s storyline.

What happened to Crosshairs hand?

Crosshair has struggled with a tremor in his right hand, which is a result of the trauma he endured while being experimented on at Mount Tantiss. 

His hand has become a major theme in his persona, and one of the mysterious CX clone killers amputates it in the season 3 finale of The Bad Batch. Nevertheless, Crosshair went on to execute the most significant shot of his career without any trouble, demonstrating that this rendition of a Star Wars custom is a masterful subversion of what is typically witnessed.

This hand severing is a good thing

Although the idea of Crosshair losing his shooting hand is heartbreaking, it makes sense in the context of his character’s journey and holds out hope for a better future for him. 

The attention that has been paid to his hand this season has demonstrated that it is a tie that Crosshair left to Tantiss, as the more Crosshair thought about his trauma and the experimentation, the more trembling he experienced. This would have always followed him, as a reminder of his experiences, even after completing this mission.

Crosshair can finally put the experimentation he underwent behind him since he will not have to live with the reminder.

Rather, its removal signifies a real separation between Tantiss and Crosshair. Crosshair can now move on from the experimentation done on him, as the Imperial facility is no longer there to serve as a constant reminder. Losing his hand also portends a peaceful future for him and his brothers, indicating that it is time to give up being soldiers and pursue a life of leisure and other pursuits. 

Contrary to popular belief, Crosshair’s shot improved after losing his shooting hand. Even though he missed the opportunity to track Omega to Tantiss on CX-2’s ship earlier in the season, he succeeds in the season finale when he takes off to free Omega from Dr. Hemlock, having previously lost his hand. 

Undoubtedly, some of it can be attributed to Hunter’s encouragement and Omega’s intense faith in him, but the fact remains that Crosshair’s accuracy increased.

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