Thor Star Chris Hemsworth Admits to ‘Failing to Stick the Landing’ Amid Criticism of Love And Thunder

Taking responsibility for the film’s failure, Chris Hemsworth recently addressed the backlash against Thor: Love and Thunder, which many fans had complained was too ridiculous.

The forty-year-old Australian actor did not hesitate to acknowledge that the fourth installment of the hugely successful Marvel Cinematic Universe series was a mediocre part of his career.

The film’s director, Taika Waititi, made the decision to give Hemsworth a more comedic role in Thor: Ragnarok.

While the actor was initially praised for his hilarious role in Ragnarok, Hemsworth and Waititi concentrated on keeping the tone of Love and Thunder similar.

Their attempts, though, fell flat with viewers. Hemsworth now aspires to be less conceited and take his craft more seriously.

The actor hopes to work with renowned directors like Martin Scorsese, Steven Spielberg, Greta Gerwig, Christopher Nolan, and Kathryn Bigelow in order to explore roles other than action movies.

Notwithstanding this desire, he feels obligated to deliver another Thor movie in light of the lackluster reception Love and Thunder received. Chris Hemsworth appears to be having trouble moving past Thor: Love and Thunder’s letdown.

Chris Hemsworth’s Marvel Meltdown

To put things in perspective, Chris has been the God of Thunder in the Marvel Cinematic Universe for over ten years. During that time, the character has appeared in four stand-alone movies, the first of which was Thor in 2011.

Thor: The Dark World (2013) and Thor: Ragnarok (2017), both highly regarded by audiences, came after the first film. It is commonly acknowledged, nevertheless, that the fourth installment fell short of what fans had anticipated.

Thor Star Chris Hemsworth Admits to 'Failing to Stick the Landing' Amid Criticism of Love And Thunder
Chris Hemsworth

If you have not seen it, Thor: Love and Thunder, which debuted in 2022 and starred Christian Bale and Natalie Portman, leaned more toward comedy than the previous films, which was not always well-received by viewers.

Taika Waititi, an Oscar-winning screenwriter, co-wrote and directed the movie. Interestingly, Taika also directed Ragnarok, which is thought to be the best of the four movies.

Love and Thunder, however, reportedly lacked the trademark humor that made Ragnarok so popular. Instead, it became “increasingly irksome.”

It is important to note that opinions on the movie were pretty divided; some publications thought the lighthearted humor improved the picture. Rotten Tomatoes currently gives the movie a 76% audience rating.

Hemsworth resides with his family in Byron Bay, a surf town situated south of Australia’s Gold Coast. Here, men enter elegant restaurants without shoes, women sport long, sun-kissed hair, and the elderly appear youthful.

Everyone is healthy, and attractive, and drinks green juice; perhaps this alienating lifestyle could be avoided if people were not also incredibly friendly and caring.

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