Jennifer Lawrence and Amy Schumer are no longer collaborating on sister comedies

It is unlikely that the much-anticipated sister comedy starring Amy Schumer and Jennifer Lawrence will ever get made.

In an interview on April 30, 2024, Amy Schumer confirmed the cancellation of her sibling comedy film. The movie, which was supposed to star Jennifer Lawrence alongside Schumer, was first teased in 2015. Nonetheless, the actress stated in her interview that the planned project had been canceled, saying:

I believe that it’s unlikely to happen. It seemed as though life continued. My family was experiencing a difficult period. I don’t want to say anything more than that. “Now that we are older, a sister comedy might not resonate as much,” concurred Jennifer, 33. However, the two still wish to engage in a joint activity.

In the interview titled “Amy Schumer Cannot Escape Backlash…”, Schumer was frank. Schumer brought up the cancellation of the planned sibling comedy with Jennifer Lawrence in her discussion of her career path and ongoing projects, such as Life & Beth.

When Schumer was fresh off the success of her first feature film, Trainwreck, in 2015, she and Lawrence announced their intended partnership. Since then, both actors have moved on to other projects and decided the sibling comedy was no longer a good fit for them.

How far along was the sister comedy starring Amy Schumer and Jennifer Lawrence developed?

In 2015, Schumer’s performance in her first movie, Trainwreck, captivated Jennifer Lawrence. Lawrence reached out to her, and the two celebrities quickly became close friends. “I do not know where to start,” I emailed her after seeing Trainwreck. I suppose I should just come clean and say that I adore you,” Lawrence said. “We started emailing, and then emailing turned to texting.”

Lawrence contacted Amy through e-mail and the pair developed a strong friendship, which culminated in the plans for a sibling comedy film.

Jennifer Lawrence and Amy Schumer are no longer collaborating on sister comedies
Amy Schumer

In a 2015 interview, Jennifer Lawrence first discussed the plans for the sibling comedy movie. She added that the two actresses were “almost done writing” the movie’s script. Kim, the younger sister of Amy Schumer, was co-writing the movie, and according to Lawrence, the two were supposed to play sisters. In 2016, Lawrence gave another update on the movie, saying that “an official first draft” was ready.

In 2023, Lawrence stated that although the project with Schumer was “still on,” it was moving very slowly. This was during an appearance on Watch What Happens Live. After building for more than eight years, the latest update from Schumer has confirmed that both actresses have decided not to proceed with the project any further.

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