Is Roy Cropper leaving Coronation Street? Should we be worried for Roy?

In July 1995, Roy Cropper started working on Coronation Street. He owns the Roy’s Rolls cafe, where the locals of Weatherfield congregate for a bacon buttie and a cup of tea.

As the tormented café king desperately tries to piece together the fragments of memories he has around the last times he saw Lauren, things become overwhelming, and he is rushed to the hospital, following a collapse in his cell.

However, he remains determined to get to the truth, in the hope that he can clear his name and avoid further dangerous incidents in prison.

The audience is rooting for you, Roy!

Is Roy Cropper leaving Coronation Street?  

ITV has not made any indication that Roy will be leaving.

Roy is in prison awaiting trial for the murder of Lauren Bolton, who went missing in early 2024.

After inadvertently cleaning the missing woman’s apartment, the cafe owner suddenly found himself a prime suspect. After that, he was detained and accused of killing her.

Following the discovery of a weapon, human tissue, and blood at Lauren’s apartment, police declared they had sufficient evidence to find Roy guilty of killing her. This left detectives convinced she had been killed, and that Roy was the murderer.

If Roy ever were to depart, it should be under much better circumstances than a false murder accusation. Since 1995, actor Neilson has portrayed the role; he has disclosed that he enjoys narrating this story to Roy because it captures events from the character’s past.

Is Roy Cropper leaving Coronation Street
Roy Cropper

It is a compliment, but it also comes with obligations. Although I enjoy spending time with my family and seeing my grandchildren when Roy is doing bits and pieces in scenes with other people, you never know when things will suddenly get busier, so I am ready for that.

“What I do like about it is the way it has gone back 29 years to 1995 when Roy first arrived. It is reminiscent of that early Roy Cropper when people were suspicious of his behavior and thought he was creepy. And everything that has happened in the past, including the kidnapping of their foster child, will be used against him. All that makes this storyline interesting.”

With no real evidence that Lauren is dead, we’re hoping she’ll return at some point soon and clear Roy’s name if no one else can do so.

In the interim, we expect to see a lot more jail scenes for Roy, hopefully culminating in a happy conclusion to his circumstances.

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