Christian Slater Expecting Fourth Child Amidst Colorful Family Dynamics

Christian Slater and his wife, Brittany Lopez, are expecting their fourth child together. He is the father of three already. The couple brought their 4-year-old daughter into the world in 2019.

In addition, Slater shares son Jaden, 25, and daughter Eliana, 22, with his ex-wife Ryan Haddon. Slater has spoken a lot about his experiences as a father over the years.

In 1999, Slater and his former spouse, Ryan Haddon, had their first child, a boy named Jaden. He has since been quite open about being a father and the lessons it has given him.

In 2010, Slater continued the good times on Jaden’s birthday by attending the Toyota Grand Prix practice day in Long Beach, California.

The actor’s then-11-year-old son was filming the event from the grandstand as he was speeding around the circuit. Joking aside, Slater has placed a high value on his children’s education.

The actor has stressed the value of education to his kids even as he has discussed how they have influenced his own academic endeavors, such as receiving his GED.

Eliana, Slater’s second child with Haddon, was born in 2001. She was photographed at premieres and events as a child and grew up in the public glare with the actor, just like her older brother Jaden.

New Beginnings and Old Battles

Unlike Jaden, the Heathers star has provided Eliana with a number of updates as she’s aged. Slater talked about spending time with family during COVID-19 in June 2020.

Slater continued praising his daughter, who had just been given the title of middle child with the birth of his third kid. Slater stated in June 2020 that he was once again relishing all the wonderful times a newborn provides to the family.

Christian Slater Expecting Fourth Child Amidst Colorful Family Dynamics
Christian Slater

The actor will have his fourth kid when Slater and Lopez give birth to their second child together. The pair announced their happy news during the Unfrosted movie premiere.

After his wife reportedly threw a drinking glass at him during an altercation in their Las Vegas hotel room, actor Christian Slater had to have twenty stitches placed in the back of his skull.

Following an incident at the Hard Rock Hotel, Slater’s wife, Ryan Haddon, was taken into custody on a misdemeanor allegation of domestic abuse; however, the actor chose not to file a case.

It would be up to prosecutors to determine whether to prosecute a case against Haddon in light of Slater’s refusal to seek charges. Slater declined to discuss the event in public.

According to others with knowledge of the event, Slater told police that during their playful conversation, the glass unintentionally “slipped” out of his wife’s hand and into his face.

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