What happened to Sweeettails? Why is this streamer popular among fans?

Streaming is a highly competitive career field, and it is no secret that males have long dominated it, both in terms of viewership and earnings.

SweeetTails is one content creator who has defied the trend and overcome the odds over the last four years, rising from an unknown amateur streamer to a professional Twitch star.

Her Twitch channel now has hundreds of thousands of subscribers, but it is not her most popular social media platform.

Tails has achieved success not only by being an entertaining personality but also by allowing her creative energy to flow freely across the internet.

On YouTube, she shares stream highlights and funny videos with her father. On TikTok, she is getting ahead of the platform’s gaming push by curating viral clips from her regular streams.

All the while, Tails continues to connect with her audience through direct messages, gaming competitions, and a growing Discord server—all while also tackling newer projects like a podcast and an animated comic.

SweeetTails may not be bringing in Pokimane numbers just yet, but she has demonstrated that it is still possible to build an active and vibrant gaming community from the ground up.

What happened to Sweeettails
The Untold Truth of SweeetTails

What happened to Sweeettails?

Sweeettails issued an update to her fans via Twitter in early September, following months of radio silence. Sweeettails stated that she had been experiencing mental and physical health issues.

“Over the last 5 months, I have been dealing with mental and physical health issues, which have prevented me from working or streaming.

I am struggling more than I ever have in my life, and it is terrifying. She wrote, “I am scared.” “

“Every day is a battle that sometimes I just don’t want to fight. I have never been through anything like this before, and it breaks my fucking heart that the thing I loved the most, creating content and streaming for you all, is something I can not do right now,” she added.

But I know that when I get better, I will be back. “I am not leaving you guys.” She went on to say that if you let it, the streaming industry will destroy you, and she encouraged her followers to take the time they need to focus on their well-being.


“I am praying for you and for the strength to get through whatever you are going through, one person commented on her post.

Many other comments noted how funny her channel often is and wrote comments about what a pick-me-up it was for them. We may not know when Sweeettails will be back, but the comments make it clear that many people are eagerly anticipating that day.

SweeetTails isn’t sorted into one particular category

She is always pushing her boundaries and exploring new creative avenues, whether it is starting a podcast or diving headfirst into TikTok content.

Part of what makes Tails such a powerful creator is her willingness to collaborate, which she did for one of her most ambitious projects to date.

Tails wrote her comic, “The SweeetTails Saga,” and released the first chapter in March 2021. The story takes place in Cygon City, a futuristic setting inspired by classic cyberpunk stories.

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