What happened to Ryan Garcia? Ryan Garcia explains why it didn’t happen sooner

It was an amazing experience for Las Vegas to host Super Bowl 58 last month. The real fireworks happened on Friday when Ryan Garcia and Devin Haney crossed paths on Radio Row.

Ryan Garcia (24-1, 20 KO) and Devin Haney (31-0, 15 KO) have decided to square off on April 20th for Haney’s WBC junior welterweight title.

Before a shoving match started, Garcia and Haney were trash-talking, and the two entourages had to keep them apart.

Naturally, many people questioned whether the confrontation in the video was staged to generate hype for the fight when it went viral.

But Haney and Garcia have a history together; they split six matches during their amateur careers, and their professional rivalry has been building on social media.

With only one month to go before the fight, what kind of outcome can we expect from this bout between two of the rising stars of boxing?

What happened to Ryan Garcia?

Ryan will face Devin Haney for the WBC Super-Lightweight title on April 20th.

What is at risk when Devin Haney and Ryan Garcia square off on April 20? It appears that the massive event at Barclays Center is about more than just the lure of gold and deft marketing.

If the planned fight is canceled, none of the parties can afford to suffer the repercussions. Whether it is the fighters or the promoters, there will be a massive knock-on effect.

Careers and brand value are at stake
Careers and brand value are at stake

The fans have been concerned about Garcia’s mental state because he has consistently pulled off antics to obtain psychological leverage. It begs the question, though, of what would happen if the 25-year-old did not show up.

Without a doubt, “The Dream’s” professional career would have suffered as a result. The terrible consequences do not end there.

The worst nightmare of sponsors and approving bodies: money, money, money

Haney vs. Garcia will surely be a profitable match. Garcia’s lengthy social media following and the publicity he has already created for the fight are the main causes of this.

The money the fight is about to raise would benefit the promoters, management, and those close to both fighters.

In addition, the promoters will expose themselves to legal action from the camps of both fighters in the unfortunate event that the event is called off due to their wrongdoing.

What happened to Ryan Garcia

It makes sense why Oscar De La Hoya is endorsing Garcia and encouraging his trolling. The boxer-turned-promoter has made it clear that he will fight for his money. Garcia seemed capable of handling the work and was in good shape in the gym.

If not, he would have to bid a sumptuous salary farewell. For the same reason, Garcia has also been under observation by WBC president Mauricio Sulaiman. In order to compete for the title, fighters typically pay the sanctioning organization a portion of their fight purse.

Everybody involved has a deep stake in the outcome of this fight. If the battle is won, they will benefit greatly.

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