What happened to OX zung? The Controversial Journey of Mama Boy

After becoming a social media celebrity and sound engineering student, Won Joeng, popularly known as Mama Boy Ox Zung, leapt to fame on TikTok with 38.6 million followers in just a single year.

He was detained and as a result, his reputation took a negative turn and his online visibility quickly declined.

Who is Won Joeng?

Mama Boy Ox Zung is the most notable internet-based persona of TikTok star Seo Won Jeong.

With more than 55.6 million followers at the level of his popularity, he was once the most-followed non-celebrity TikTok creator in South Korea and was even highlighted in Forbes 30 Under 30 Asia.

His fame was derived from his viral videos of himself excitedly yelling “Mama!” to reproduce various sorts of material.

His capacity to interface with viewers and have a comic sense of timing made him an exceptionally well-known online presence.

But in 2023, Seo Won Jeong’s public persona and vocation took a sharp turn as he was charged.

His internet profile and fan base have essentially diminished because of the case, which is as yet forthcoming and being investigated. Agitating disclosures have recently surfaced.

Thus, regardless of whether Seo Won Jeong was verifiably an enormous star on TikTok at a certain point, it’s important to perceive the gravity of the allegations made against him and his ongoing legal actions.

What happened to ox_zung?

Won Joeng
TikTok Star Won Joeng’s rise to fame and ongoing legal troubles.

Won Joeng, a famous TikTok user from Korea who goes by the handles ox_zung and Mama Boy, is confronting major legal issues after being arrested on suspicion of sexual assault.

Joeng and one more person are said to have attacked an intoxicated lady in July during the incident.

Joeng, who is right now the 17th most followed TikToker around the world, is a noticeable influencer with nearly 10 million YouTube subscribers and 55 million TikTok followers.

Joeng’s arrest has been associated with his sudden withdrawal from social media since July, which has made his online prevalence drop. The case has earned attention.

As indicated by the allegations, Joeng and his accomplice attacked a friend’s home subsequent to inebriating a lady to the point of unconsciousness.

On December 12, the victim made a police report that brought about Joeng’s detainment and an investigation that required firefighters’ inclusion due to Joeng’s refusal to cooperate.

The first court trial is set for January 17, 2024, and the case has previously been handed over to the prosecution.

Joeng, who claims consensual intercourse, may have to carry out upwards of seven years in jail if proven guilty, and the charges of unauthorized filming were removed because of a lack of proof.

Joeng was notable before, yet his social media following has radically diminished because of this event.

Won Jeong Went From Student To Superstar

In less than a year, he went from having no followers to 38.6 million. While many kids aspire to be social media celebrities, WonJeong wasn’t one of them. This would-be sound designer has ideas of his own.

Won Jeong is a full-time TikToker who is 27 years old. In just a single year, he has amassed 1 million Instagram followers and 38.6 million TikTok followers under the handle @ox_zung!

Won Jeong maintains a low profile on Instagram, sharing pictures of his love of exercise, day trips, and get-togethers with pals.

Won Jeong amuses followers on TikTok with his comedy, astute editing, and endearing demeanor.

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