What Happened to MiMi on OutDaughtered? Disappearance, DUI, and Season 9 Speculations

The twists in the OutDaughtered saga as Michelle “MiMi” Theriot faces unexpected challenges. Known for her role in the Busby family’s reality TV journey, MiMi’s absence sparks questions.

The reasons behind her disappearance, the family’s response, and the uncertainty surrounding her future spark questions among the audience members of the show.

About OutDaughtered

OutDaughtered is an American reality television show that airs on TLC and centers around the lives of Adam and Danielle Busby, a couple with five daughters, including America’s first all-girl quintuplets ever documented.

This show started on May 10. However, it has been growing in popularity for years. The eighth season of OutDaughtered aired on February 23.

Fans of this show are excitedly waiting for the new ninth season that will be released on July 11, This new season of the Busbys’ parenting journey unfolds, allowing viewers to see what it takes and the challenges they face while raising their quintuplets.

The series allows fans to take a pretty look inside the household of Busby, revealing love and laughter but also emphasizing how complicated family life can be when it involves many children.

OutDaughtered has become a popular show about family life and an inspiring story of love, resilience, and the bonds that hold them together.

With every episode, fans are presented with sweet moments, milestones marked, and relatable tales that strike a chord in the hearts of viewers across the globe.

What Happened to MiMi on OutDaughtered?

Michelle “MiMi” Theriot had legal problems and ended up losing her home after being detained for driving under the influence (DUI) back in October 2020.

During the incident, police smelled an intense scent of perfume coming from her car—a trick many drunk drivers use to hide the alcohol smell. MiMi did not pass the sobriety tests and was arrested.

After her DUI arrest, the OutDaughtered family stopped sharing posts about MiMi on their social media platforms. Previously, she was often present at family get-togethers and appeared regularly on social media.

MiMi was close to her grandchildren and adult daughters. It is not clear if the family has cut her off completely or opted to avoid mentioning social media to shield themselves from negative public reactions.

MiMi faced a fallout on OutDaughtered.
MiMi faced a fallout on OutDaughtered.

MiMi did not appear in the two-minute preview from TLC. It should be noted that the trailer only gives us a kind of outline related to the season and does not reveal all the details about what is going to happen. So, perhaps MiMi will be a guest on the show one day.

On the other hand, due to her low profile and nonexistence in the family’s social media accounts as of now, it wouldn’t be surprising if she does not make a comeback even in Season 9.

But the fans will have to wait until next month, when the new season premieres, before they can find out if MiMi’s hiatus from the show is just temporary or permanent.

Why is MiMi not on OutDaughtered?

MiMi or Michelle Theriot, is not visible on the reality TV show OutDaughtered because she got arrested for DUI in October 2020.

Following her arrest, the family has decided not to speak of her on social media and she was missing from their latest posts.

Earlier on, MiMi was a common participant in family events and heavily featured in the updates of social media. However, it is unclear whether the family has detached themselves entirely from her or if they are simply avoiding making it public in order not to experience any blowback.

The fact that MiMi failed to show up for season 9 further makes TLC exclude her from their trailer released about this season.

Although the trailer does not give complete information about the whole season, MiMi’s disappearance creates questions regarding her future role.

This could be an indication that she may not resurface during Season 9, though there is a slim possibility of it but her recent low profile and lack of mention on their social media accounts hints otherwise.

As the storyline unfolds, viewers will have to stay tuned for the season and see if MiMi returns into the spotlight or remains secluded after her DUI arrest.

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