What happened to Matthew King in Emmerdale? Who are the brothers of Matthew King?

A fictional character and anti-villain from the British soap opera Emmerdale was named Matthew King.

He first appeared as a central character in 2004 before serving as one of the show’s central protagonists and anti-villains in between 2005-2008 up until he was killed off on his wedding day on December 16, 2008. Matt Healy portrayed the character.

Matthew King first came to Emmerdale village in early March 2004, no sooner after his brothers Jimmy and Carl arrived – followed by their father, Tom King.

It soon became apparent that Matthew was the most cunning and scheming member of the king’s family after they had moved into the village; in fact, he always exhibited a darker side than his brothers.

It has been demonstrated that Matthew is capable of wreaking havoc, damaging relationships, and even taking lives.

He was also shown to be a family man who would stand up for his loved ones, and it was even suggested that he may have run over and killed police officer DCI Grace Barraclough to stop his brother Carl from being arrested for their father’s murder.

Actor Matt Healy received multiple award nominations at the British Soap Awards for his portrayal of Matthew.

What happened to Matthew King in Emmerdale
The King is Dead

From 2006 to 2009, Healy was nominated for the “Villain of the Year” award at the award ceremony.

He was nominated for “Best Actor” and “Sexiest Male” in 2006 as well, and at the 2009 awards show, he was nominated for “Best Exit” following his departure in December 2008.

What happened to Matthew King in Emmerdale?

A sad end to the brotherly bonds.

Matthew tried to run Carl down, but at the last minute, he noticed that Anna was also in his path, swerved to avoid her, crashed into a wall, and was catapulted through the windscreen.

Jimmy managed to choke out how much he loved Anna, but Matthew died on the spot in her arms, even though he had called for an ambulance.

What did Jimmy said about his brothers?

Jimmy mentioned his brothers in passing during their first meeting, but he also said he did not think losing them would have hurt as much as losing a child, as Paddy had.

However, in the episode of March 16, 2024, he revealed that he felt guilty for saying it.

He acknowledged that even with friends and family nearby, he still felt alone because he had lost all of his “original family.”

Matthew King
Matthew King

Moreover, Jimmy reflected, that he, Matthew, and Carl used to battle for dad Tom’s affection, and admitted that if he’d known then what he knew now, then he wouldn’t have wasted his time.

The King brothers were prone to getting into arguments, whether it was about women or their position in the family company.

All three brothers were suspects in the murder of their father, Tom, but the culprit was ultimately revealed to be the youngest brother, Carl.

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