What happened to Lyndon Byers? From Rooftop Escapades to Tattoo Bets

Lyndon Svi Byers (born February 29, 1964) is a retired Canadian professional ice hockey player. Byers was born in Nipawin, Saskatchewan, and spent a year with the Notre Dame Hounds before starting his major junior career in 1981 with the Western Hockey League’s Regina Pats.

Byers spent parts of ten seasons in the National Hockey League (NHL) with the Boston Bruins and San Jose Sharks, where he established himself as one of the league’s most formidable enforcers. He is the cousin of Dane Byers, a former NHL forward.

A new restaurant to the former Angry Ham’s in Framingham

Get ready for a culinary comeback at the site of the former Angry Ham’s and Beacon Street Bar & Grill, where a history of liquor license shenanigans and public disturbances is about to be replaced by the sizzle of a new restaurant.

Marlene Aron, the Sherlock Holmes of commercial real estate at MetroWest, spilled the beans on this delicious development.

Renovations are on the menu, and the city must give a nod to a full liquor license before the grand feast begins.

Fans of Angry Ham’s may recall the ownership trio, including former Boston Bruin Lyndon “LB” Byers, who once graced the establishment.

Sharma took the reins in 2016, rebranding it as “Beacon Street Bar & Grill” and later as “The Beacon,” promising a dinner-and-show extravaganza.

Lyndon Byers to face Butterbean

Former Boston Bruins enforcer Lyndon Byers is set to lace up the gloves and face off against former boxer turned MMA promoter Eric “Butterbean” Esch in a May 21st mixed martial arts extravaganza at Worcester’s DCU Center.

This marks Massachusetts’ first major MMA event since the sport gained the Commonwealth’s official nod.

While there’s no confirmation if the “no talent windbag” Greg Hill and his Table 4 buddies will be in Byers’ corner, the event promises a clash between hockey grit and pugilistic prowess.

What happened to Lyndon Byers
The charismatic journey of former Boston Bruins enforcer Lyndon Byers.

The MMA debut in Massachusetts, featuring headliners Tim Sylvia and Mariusz Pudzianowski, initially included a bout between Esch and Byers.

Alas, the commission hesitated due to LB’s lack of experience, dashing hopes for an epic showdown.

What happened to Lyndon Byers?

Lyndon Byers delights on the Hockey Show (98.5) The hub for sports. Lyndon Byers, once a Boston Bruins player, shares stories from his playing days.

In a radio show filled with laughter and anecdotes, the morning’s entertainment reached its zenith when the legendary LB graced the hosts with his presence.

LB, known for his gritty charm, didn’t disappoint as he regaled everyone with a tale of hooligan-induced escapades that resulted in him being hogtied on a roof.

It seems even rooftop adventures can’t keep LB away, as he ingeniously liberated himself and, in a stroke of resourcefulness, borrowed a phone from a nonchalant lady in the lobby.

The hosts delved into LB’s early days in Boston at the tender age of 19. LB painted a vivid picture of his rookie self discovering an ashtray in his locker at the hallowed Boston Garden.

The absence of Gatorade in the cooler during the first exhibition game only added to the charm of LB’s initiation.

Reflecting on his formative years with the Bruins, LB credited Wayne Cashman as a mentor and friend, especially during his crucial call-up post-World Junior tournament.

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