What Happened to Keemstar? Fans Got Hurt After They Learned the Truth

An unexpected and traumatic occurrence made the internet community reeling from the news of the death of Daniel M. Keem – also known as Keemstar.

Notorious on the internet personality, was a young man who came to life on the platform DramaAlert. With news of his death on Monday night, his fan base is in disbelief.

Nevertheless, shortly after his alleged death, accidental reports started to get into circulation which created a feeling of suspicion amidst masses of deeply-moved and at the same time sympathetic. What truly transpired?

Was Keemstar’s departure from the Digital realm clear evidence of the fake reality or it was all part of the mystifying game? As the web discusses the relevance of this, the reason remains a riddle and at the same time, people start to play the guessing game.

DJ Keemstar
Keemstar’s death hoax backlash.

Who is Keemstar?

On March 8, 1982, a native of the United States Daniel M. Keem, who is better known as Keemstar in the world of social media, was born.

He is a YouTuber, podcaster, and streamer as well, besides being the host of the DramaAlert Internet show dedicated to popular culture.

Keem’s first YouTube channel appeared in the video of Halo 3 recorded in January 2009, where he trolled other players using voice-over in multiplayer mode.

As far back as September 2012, Keem started using the #DramaAlert hashtag on Twitter. In June 2014 he finally created his current channel and named it DramaAlert.Keem not only reports on the subject but also shares with his followers some of his personal opinions about the events.

What Happened to Keemstar?

Daniel M. Keem, known as Keemstar, passed away on Monday night due to complications from pulmonary embolism. He was 42. The sad news was confirmed by DramaAlert, his channel’s official Twitter handle.

Keemstar is survived by his wife and daughter, Mia. He will be honored at Delaware Park, Buffalo, New York, during the Regular Season Homecoming next Sunday from 3:00 PM to 5:00 PM.

What Happened to Keemstar

Is what fans are saying a hoax?

Since then, the YouTube community has been quite furious at the Keemstar prank in the form of the April Fool’s Day prank and death hoax.

A good example is the Keemstar fake shock video in which he said, “Alright everyone, this is a punk April Fools joke so please don’t get offended. Keemstar is a cheap prank maker, and you fell for that so easily,” as one X user wrote.

“Aren’t these merely supposed to be funny,” one questioned.

“One guy saying he was drunk good morning just showed April fool’s death isn’t entertaining, nothing funny lol get some life dude,” the third person posted.

“Damn, this sure got to be the worst April fool’s joke I’ve seen! Are you sure you don’t mean it ..” one wrote.

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