What happened to Skylar Neese? A look into her life

In the quiet streets of Star City, West Virginia, a sinister plot was unfolding, one that would shock the tight-knit community to its core.

At the heart of this tragedy was Skylar Neese, a bright and ambitious teenager with dreams as vast as the night sky.

Surrounded by friends she trusted and a life brimming with potential, Skylar’s story is a harrowing reminder of how quickly fate can turn, and how the people closest to us can harbor the darkest secrets.

Join us as we look into the life and untimely tragedy of Skylar Neese, whose legacy is a haunting echo of betrayal and the search for justice in the face of unimaginable loss.

Who is Skylar Neese?

Skylar Annette Neese attended high school in the United States. The sole child of Mary and David “Dave” Neese was born on February 10, 1996, and was named Skylar Annette Neese.

David Neese was a product assembler at Walmart at the time, and Mary Neese was an administrative assistant in a cardiac lab. Skylar attended University High School with the goal of becoming a criminal defense attorney.

What happened to Skylar Neese
On the journey of the tragedy that struck Skylar Neese.

What happened to Skylar Neese?

On July 6, 2012, two teenagers from West Virginia named Shelia Eddy and Rachel Shoaf fatally stabbed their best friend Skylar Neese because they no longer wanted to be friends with her.

Skylar Neese, an honor student at age 16, had a promising future in 2012. Her closest friends, Shelia Eddy and Rachel Shoaf, served as the center of her vibrant social life, and she was an avid reader.

That July night, Eddy and Shoaf took Skylar Neese to a peaceful area across the Pennsylvania state line, where they fatally stabbed her.

While Eddy had met Shoaf their freshman year, Neese had known Eddy since she was eight years old.

Neese was described as the other two girls’ emotional rock because both Eddy and Shoaf’s parents had divorced, but the three of them were inseparable. On the other hand, Neese was the only child, and her parents desired the best for her.

They encouraged her to be herself and developed her intelligence. In contrast, Rachel Shoaf was the complete opposite of Eddy.

Although Shoaf and Neese shared some of Eddy’s freedom, they did not have the same level of freedom, and that dynamic would ultimately be Skylar Neese’s downfall.

In the end, it was evident from the trio’s frequent social media posts that Neese, Eddy, and Shoaf had unresolved issues with one another.

skylar neese

Since their daughter’s toothbrush, toiletries, and phone charger were still in her room, the Neeses knew their daughter had not fled. Their daughter was reported missing.

When was Skylar’s murder planned?

One of Skylar Neese’s assassins, Rachel Shoaf, stated in her January 2013 confession that she and Shelia Eddy planned the murder while in science class.

In accordance with their scheme, on July 6, 2012, Shoaf and Eddy enticed Neese to leave her home after midnight. Around 12:30 a.m., the victim was seen getting into a car by surveillance from her apartment complex.

Then, to smoke weed, the three closest buddies took a car to a secluded forested location. There, Shoaf and Eddy repeatedly stabbed Neese before abandoning the body.

Following her admission of guilt, Rachel Shoaf guided the police to the woods where Skylar Neese’s body was discovered.

In addition, the police were able to verify that the automobile she entered was Shelia Eddy’s by using security footage from the night of the murder. Later, they discovered the teen’s blood within.

After that, the two people who killed Neese were charged with murder as adults. While Eddy entered a guilty plea to one count of first-degree murder, Shoaf entered a guilty plea to second-degree murder.

Each of them was given a life sentence with the possibility of release or thirty years in jail. Shoaf and Eddy are still inside and serving their sentences.

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