What Happened To John Berman On CNN? Shifting Jobs And Steady Passion- Let’s Have A Peek Into The Life Of John Berman

Everything worthwhile eventually comes to an end, but what will happen to CNN anchor John Berman? The news channel announced on September 15, 2022, that it will be launching a new morning programme to take the place of the New Day morning segment, which John Berman and Brianna Keilar co-host.

It’s reasonable to question, given this revelation, what became to John Berman. Will he remain employed by CNN? Here’s what you should know.

What happened to John Berman on CNN?

It was revealed on September 15, 2022, that Berman will be leaving his position with Brianna Keilar on New Day later in the year.

Until the new, redesigned CNN morning show premieres, he will continue to co-anchor the programme. The network will give him a new anchor position.

What Happened To John Berman On CNN
John Berman

CNN announced plans to update its daytime programming in January 2023. Berman was named as a co-anchor for their new programme CNN News Central, which began on April 3, 2023, alongside Kate Bolduan and Sara Sidner, from 9 a.m. to noon.

For John Berman, the past few months have not been easy. First, following his Boston Marathon run, John fell unwell, according to a People Magazine article from August 2022.

The CNN anchor wrote, “So apparently I had 25 GREAT miles,” after posting a picture of himself in a hospital bed on social media.

The reason I say allegedly is that it appears I made a slight diversion to the hospital and then the medical tent.

Though I can’t recall all that happened, I am doing MUCH better now. Soon, I’ll be returning to work!”

The news anchor appeared to be in high spirits even though he did not disclose what medical issues he was dealing with.

The Francesca “Beans” Kaczynski fund was the charity that John’s coworker Andrew Kaczynski founded when his daughter passed away at the age of nine months from paediatric cancer. This was the organisation that he was running to assist.

John Berman will be replaced in the new morning segment by Dan Lemon

CNN has revealed that its regular New Day feature will be replaced by a new “marquee” morning programme including new anchors, a new moniker, and a new set. Don Lemon, Poppy Harlow, and Kaitlan Collins are the new anchors.

Many fans, though, were perplexed as to what that meant for the then-New Day anchors Brianna Keilar and John Berman.

Chris Licht, the CEO of CNN, explained that in regard to John and Brianna’s future, “many questions” remain in light of the recent announcement.

He did clarify, though, that John and Brianna will have new anchor positions and that the present New Day staff will “continue to produce the morning show”.

Final Thoughts

John Berman’s drive for journalism and truth has taken him across states. While he’s shifting slots and shows, his passion for bringing the truth out in politics continues to inspire his audience.

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