What Happened to Jarrod from Storage Wars?

Jarrod Schulz gained fame through the A&E reality series “Storage Wars,” where he and former partner Brandi Passante engaged in high-stakes bidding for abandoned storage units.

Their on-screen chemistry led to a spin-off, “Brandi and Jarrod: Married to the Job.” Read the below article to know What Happened to Jarrod from Storage Wars.

Who is Jarrod Schulz?

Jarrod Schulz is a reality TV character who acquired distinction through his appearance on the A&E reality series “Storage Wars.”

The show, which debuted in 2010, follows proficient buyers who buy the items away from storage spaces given a speedy review of what they can see from the entryway.

In the hope of finding valuable items that can be sold for a profit, the buyers then bid on the units without knowing the full contents.

Jarrod Schulz, alongside his previous accomplice Brandi Passante, became known for their dynamic and frequently engaging presence on “Storage Wars.”

Two or three associations, both individual and expert, added to their notoriety on the show. They in the long run acquired their own side project series named “Brandi and Jarrod: married to the job.

In 2019, Jarrod left “Storage War” during its twelfth season. His takeoff from the show was joined by private difficulties, including legal issues.

In 2021, he had to deal with penalties for misdemeanor abusive behavior at home after a supposed occurrence involving Brandi Passante in a bar.

The legitimate case added a layer of intricacy to his takeoff from the reality television series.

Following his exit from “Storage Wars,” Jarrod has kept a lower profile, sometimes refreshing his virtual entertainment accounts.

He has been associated with undertakings, including purchasing and running the Rush Bar and Grill in Lake Forest, California.

While he has participated in other reality TV dramas, for example, “Celebrity Vehicle Wars,” his unscripted television profession has been less dynamic contrasted with his experience on “Storage Wars.”

What Happened to Jarrod from Storage Wars?
Jarrod Schulz’s Reality Unveiled.

What Happened to Jarrod from Storage Wars?

A breakthrough moment occurred for Jarrod Schulz when he left the famous reality television show ‘Storage Wars’ Leaving the program in Season 12 of 2019, Jarrod bid farewell to his adventures as a storage unit buyer and seller after he was made famous by this line of work.

Season 13’s premiere unveiled the separation from his screen colleague Brandi Passante, making it known that they broke up after filming season 12.

This disclosure gave fans a peek into the personal woes that had taken place while filming this famous show.

But Jarrod’s problems were not limited to reality television. In 2021, he landed in a legal case for misdemeanor domestic violence battery.

In turn, the allegations arose after he was said to have pushed Brandi twice in a bar.

Jarrod denied the accusations and hence, there was no additional information regarding what happened to the case during its further development up to this moment because of which his legal status remained unclear.

A&E, which is the company behind “Storage Wars,” launched an internal investigation into the accusation. The results of this investigation and reported discomfort among the show’s cast certainly contributed to Jarrod not being part of the following season.

The movement of not reintroducing him into the series suggested that such real-life concerns would have implications on how the show’s dynamics play out.

After ‘Storage Wars,’ Jarrod chose to stay away from the public limelight but remained in touch with his fans through social media.

Amid a relatively sleepy television career, he explored island new ventures, including ownership and management of the Rush Bar and Grill in Lake Forest.

Jarrod was rumored to date another woman, which gave his relationship status after divorcing Brandi.

Jarrod and Brandi’s relationship in season 13

In a significant revelation during the Season 13 premiere of “Storage Wars,” it was disclosed that Jarrod Schulz and Brandi Passante, once inseparable on-screen partners, had separated following the conclusion of Season 12 filming.

This disclosure shed light on a period of at least two and a half years during which the couple had been living separate lives.

The news of their separation marked a notable turn in the narrative of their relationship, which had been a focal point of the show’s dynamic.

Previously known for their wheeling and dealing in the world of abandoned storage units, Jarrod and Brandi’s on-screen chemistry resonated with fans, leading to the creation of a spin-off show titled “Brandi and Jarrod: Married to the Job.”

However, despite their popularity and joint ventures, their relationship took a different course.

The revelation of their separation offered viewers insights into the challenges faced by the couple off-camera, prompting speculation about the potential impact of their dynamics on the decision-making behind the scenes of the reality TV series.

This revelation left fans reflecting on the complexities of relationships under the spotlight and the subsequent changes in the dynamics of the show.

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