What happened to Gus in Expats?

Explore the compelling story of “Expats,” where a central and eerie plot point revolves around the strange disappearance of Margaret’s youngest son, Gus.

The series spins a web of mystery, suspense, and the intricacies of living as an expat while delving into Margaret’s emotional response and the numerous facts surrounding Gus’s disappearing act in a crowded night market in Hong Kong.

Discover the mystery of Gus’s fate and the significant effects it has on everyone involved in this gripping story.Who is Gus in Expats?

In “Expats,” Margaret’s youngest son is named Gus. The narrative revolves around his strange disappearance, which took place in a busy street market a year ago.

Gradually, the circumstances of Gus’s disappearance become clear, prompting concerns about the possibility that he was abducted.

Throughout the story, Margaret’s decisions and life are greatly impacted by the emotional fallout from Gus’s absence, which lends mystery and intrigue to the plot.

Nicole Kidman
Nicole Kidman as Margaret Woo in Expats

What happened to Gus in Expats

In the first episode of Expats, it is revealed that Margaret’s son Gus had a negative experience; nevertheless, we subsequently find out that he vanished from sight at a crowded night market in Hong Kong.

In a flashback from Episode 2, further details regarding the tragedy are revealed. Gus is shown walking off while in Mercy Cho’s (Ji-young Yoo) care, never to be seen again.

It is evident from Episode 1 that Margaret and her family are still struggling with Gus’s loss.

However, they choose to put on a brave front and invite all of their close expat friends to celebrate husband and father Clarke Woo’s (Brian Tee) birthday.

Meanwhile, we find out that Mercy is sleeping with David (Jack Huston), the husband of Hilary (Sarayu Blue).

Gus's Mysterious Disappearance Unraveled
Gus’s Mysterious Disappearance Unraveled

She relocated to Hong Kong from New York in an attempt to start over, but she has been having financial difficulties and has taken on odd jobs in catering.

This also applies to Clarke’s party; it’s too late to find out for whom it’s intended. Mercy becomes frightened upon seeing the couple’s other two children.

As she tries to flee, Margaret notices her and spirals as well; at this point, we’re not sure why they’re both reacting so strongly emotionally to each other.

In Episode 2, which travels back in time to depict Margaret and Mercy’s meeting at a boat party, everything is changed.

Mercy gets along well with Margaret’s children, particularly Gus, the youngest. Afterward, she extends an invitation to Mercy to join the children for dinner, and it appears like Margaret might ask her to watch the children.

After supper, they all deliberately separate and go to a crowded night market; Mercy takes the boys, while Margaret leaves with her daughter.

However, Mercy becomes sidetracked while emailing her friend, and the inquisitive Gus leaves. After realizing he’s not holding her hand for more than a minute, she starts frantically looking for him.

Do They Find Gus in Expats?

No, Expats do not contain Gus. In Episode 2, it is revealed that Gus is still gone a year after going missing and that there is no longer any hope.

Nothing comes to light regarding Gus’s location, even though the investigator has suspicions about a member of the family.

Margaret realizes that Gus is not in her care as Mercy had claimed when she learns of Mercy’s role in the tragedy.

There is still a mystery in the story because of the way that Episode 2 ends, leaving us wondering what will happen to Gus.

The hunt for Gus and the events leading up to his disappearance turns into crucial plot points that heighten the tension and intricacy of the Expat’s narrative.

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