What happened to Mina on The Resident? Shaunette Renee Wilson explains her exit

For fans of Mina Okafor, the final episode of The Resident on April 20th marked the end of an era for one of the show’s original characters. After featuring in 4 seasons of The Resident, Shaunette Renee Wilson announced her departure from the series, as she thinks it is the right time to leave.

Find out why Mina is leaving The Resident. Read ahead to know.

What happened to Mina on The Resident? 

After 4 seasons as Mina Okafor, actor Shaunette Renée Wilson bids farewell to The Resident.

The focus of the fourth season was Mina and AJ organizing their journey to Nigeria. Their plans, however, are derailed when AJ receives the devastating news that his mother has lung cancer. Realizing that her time is limited, he chooses to remain at home to care for his sick mother.

Mina Okafor understands AJ’s predicament, but she is committed to the idea of moving away. In the final moments of the episode, “Mina becomes emotional and cherishes her time with her friends before saying goodbye to Chastain.

In the show, it is shown that Mina leaves the country and moves to Nigeria after Dr. Cain threatens her with deportation. But in actuality, Shaunette, who plays Mina, revealed that she feels like her time in the show is over and she does not want to stay on. “After deeply thoughtful reflection, I approached the producers some time ago asking to leave the show, and they agreed. Shaunette announced her permanent departure from the program on Instagram.

What happened to Mina on The Resident
Dr. Mina Okafor

I am grateful for allowing me to represent Dr. Mina Okafor, who has such a lovely soul. In addition, I want to express my gratitude to The Resident’s network, studio, actors, crew, and—above all—its incredibly devoted fans for their support over the show’s four seasons.”

Although they expressed their sadness at the news, the actor’s and the show’s fans expressed their support for her choice and acknowledged her background. Along with wishing her luck in her future endeavors, fans also expressed how much they will miss her on the show.

The show’s creators acknowledged that Shaunette’s departure from the program was devastating for them, but fans should not be upset because there is plenty in store for AJ, who will be coping with Mina’s departure and the fear of losing his mother in the upcoming episodes.

The show’s producers also mentioned that they have left Mina’s storyline open and that Shaunette is welcome to return.

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