What happened to Coyote Peterson? What’s up with the host of “Brave Wilderness”?

You have likely come into Coyote Peterson and his Brave Wilderness team’s work if you have ever gone on a YouTube binge and discovered a video of a specific person wearing a cowboy hat voluntarily being bitten, stung, or assaulted by some extremely deadly insects and creatures.

For better or worse, Coyote and his friends have drawn millions of curious spectators over the years because they aren’t afraid to go on potentially lethal animals head-on, something that almost no one else will do.

That willingness has resulted in Brave Wilderness being a unique channel and gaining over 19 million subscribers! That is undoubtedly a difficult accomplishment, but it required a great deal of effort and possibly even a few trips to the hospital.

How is Coyote Peterson doing?

Because of his YouTube channel, his career has taken off. His popularity has skyrocketed in the previous several years due to the television series Brave Wilderness, and as a result, he has finally secured a formal television agreement!

Since he founded Brave Wilderness, Coyote still occasionally appears on the channel, but these days, he spends most of his time on Brave the Wild, a newly syndicated Animal Planet programme. Mario Aldecoa and Mark Vins have taken over as regular hosts in his absence.

What happened to Coyote Peterson?

In 2020, Coyote first declared his departure from YouTube following the signing of the agreement with Animal Planet. He informed viewers that the new show would be his priority, rather than getting stung and bitten for the amusement of others.

However, not long after that declaration, he emerged from his YouTube retirement for
footage in which he was stung by an eastern cicada killer wasp.

He has subsequently returned on occasion to produce more sting content; in June 2021, for example, he released a film featuring a killer wasp.

In Australia, the Gympie plant, commonly referred to as the suicide plant, is rather widespread. It can release lethal chemicals when touched, which will cause a “sting.” He uploaded some quite graphic welts via Instagram. In addition, he claimed to have nerve damage.

Coyote chose Mario (along with a team) to go on a global expedition for his new show, highlighting various bug and animal species that aren’t commonly covered in the main media.

This has been reinforced by the team’s consistent message, which is to promote habitat conservation and an increased understanding of the different species that inhabit our world.

Coyote gave a detailed explanation of the purpose of his television show in an interview with Mental Floss, stating that it was meant “to inspire people to overcome their fears of these seemingly dangerous animals and learn to admire them from a safe distance.”

Your fear of these creatures decreases as you gain more knowledge about them. The significance of conservation is one of the messages I attempt to get across in each episode.”

Coyote’s Brave the Wild is currently available for streaming on Discovery+, so you can catch up on past episodes there.

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