What happened to Todd Herzog? Where is he post-Survivor: China

Born on January 29, 1985, Todd Herzog rose to prominence as a reality TV star in the United States following his victory in the 15th season of Survivor:

China in 2007. He was brought up in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and is originally from Pleasant Grove, Utah. He was employed by SkyWest Airlines as a flight attendant before making an appearance on Survivor.

Todd Michael Herzog is openly gay and involved in a romantic relationship with Spencer Duhm, a Tocantins contestant on Survivor. He proposed to Jess Hermansen in August 2019, and the two celebrated their marriage on November 11, 2020.

Despite holding dual citizenship in the United States and Canada during his time on Survivor, Herzog was forced by law to renounce his Canadian citizenship to receive his $1 million prize. The original home of his mother is in Scarborough, Ontario.

What happened to Todd Herzog?

What happened to Todd Herzog
What happened to Todd Herzog

After Todd Herzog emerged victorious from Survivor: China season 15, his life took a challenging turn. Even though he was an openly homosexual Mormon flight attendant and gave a great performance on the show, Todd had emotional difficulties after winning.

He demonstrated his skills during the competition by triumphing in eight challenges and forming tactical partnerships with rivals like Amanda Kimmel.

Despite causing a few rifts, Todd’s astute strategy persuaded the jury to grant him the victory with four of the seven council votes. But following the episode, Todd’s life took a turbulent turn.

Although their relationship was brief, he dated Spencer Duhm, another Survivor competitor. Despite this, Todd kept up his involvement with the Survivor series, making appearances on specials such as Survivor Millionaires: Where Are They Now? and going to the show’s 2010 tenth anniversary celebration.

What does Todd’s life look like now? Did he struggle with alcoholism?

Regretfully, Todd had difficulties during the ensuing ten years. After winning Survivor, he became well-known and successful, which contributed to his drinking problem and other personal issues.

In 2013, Todd spoke up to the world about his struggle with alcoholism, which included a noteworthy appearance on Dr. Phil. He was so drunk that he needed help getting onto the platform. Todd talked about his addiction on the show and decided to get help.

He remained sober for several hundred days following the show and received assistance from other Survivor participants. But in 2016, Todd’s mother disclosed that he had relapsed, which resulted in him making another appearance on Dr. Phil.

Todd reported in 2017 that he was placed in a challenging scenario before his Dr. Phil interview, which included being left alone with a bottle of vodka and being given a Xanax before the broadcast.

While Dr. Phil’s crew refuted these claims, some viewers think Todd was taken advantage of by the show’s creators. Even if there is debate about his timing, Todd has been able to stay sober since 2017 on Dr. Phil.

Does Todd Herzog make a comeback?

Herzog was born on January 29, 1985, and he currently lives in Pleasant Grove, Utah, with his siblings, who include three sisters—Brandy, Kimmi, and Tori—and one brother, Tyler.

Herzog battled alcoholism in 2013, which prompted his mother to call the Dr. Phil program. He was intoxicated when he made an appearance on the program.

Despite this, Herzog received support from other Survivor players, notably close pals Courtney Yates and Sandra Diaz-Twine. In 2017, Herzog said he was given alcohol and a Xanax tablet before his appearance on the show and that he wasn’t inebriated when he arrived at the Dr. Phil studio.

The Boston Globe and Stat News journalists backed Herzog, while the production company refuted his claims. As of 2023, Herzog is employed as a customized Funko Pop artist and is married to Jess Hermansen.

Where is Todd Herzog now?

Currently, Todd Herzog works as a customized Funko Pop creator and is married to Jess Hermansen. Herzog faced criticism from several jury members during the final Tribal Council of Survivor: China, as many of them thought he was the most cunning and manipulative of the three finalists.

Still, Herzog was thought to be the most truthful player when it came to his games, and in the end, he won the million-dollar prize and the title of “Sole Survivor” in a 4-2-1 vote over his companions Yates and Kimmel.

After winning, Herzog appeared on the cover of Instinct in December 2007 and was referred to as the “Million Dollar Man.”

Herzog stated in the following interview that he has been motivated to compete on Survivor since the show’s premiere at the age of fifteen, according to Screenrant.

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