What happened to Cody Rhodes? Why did Rock push Cody Rhodes out of WrestleMania?

WrestleMania 39 was a nightmare for many fans. Cody Rhodes had returned to WWE as the prodigal son, ready to claim the title that had eluded his family for 56 years.

He fell asleep that night empty-handed, with Roman Reigns still holding the undisputed WWE universal title. “The American Nightmare” failed to realize a multi-generational dream created by his father, “The American Dream,” Dusty Rhodes.

“The story does not stop here.” During the event’s post-show press conference, WWE Chief Content Officer Paul Levesque, also known as Triple H, reassured fans.

“If I did not believe we had a compelling story on the other side, I would not have made the decision.”

Levesque’s words seemed like a thinly veiled promise that Rhodes would win the title at WrestleMania 40. But the landscape has changed, and there’s an air of uncertainty.

What happened to Cody Rhodes?
Cody shocked the WWE universe.

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson teased his long-awaited dream match with Reigns, which might take priority over the Rhodes’ ambitions.

There is also a matter of statistics. Reigns is less than five months away from surpassing Hulk Hogan and Bob Backlund as the second-longest reigning world champions in history.

WWE may want to see that accomplishment through.

What happened to Cody Rhodes?

The American Nightmare Cody Rhodes announced that he would not face Roman Reigns at WrestleMania 40. Instead, he implied that someone out there knows Roman Reigns better than he does.

The Rock’s music rocked the arena, blowing the roof off. The Brahma Bull entered the ring, shaking hands with Cody Rhodes before hugging him.

The Rock Returned to WWE At The Worst Time

The Rock Will Now Face Roman Reigns at WrestleMania 40 Instead Of Cody Rhodes

Cody Rhodes suddenly didn’t want to finish his story against Roman Reigns at WrestleMania anymore. He said he was going to finish it somewhere else.

It was then that The Rock came down to the ring for a staredown with his cousin. Rhodes looked heartbroken and simply walked away, like a humiliated and defeated coward. It made absolutely no sense.

Fans in the arena may have cheered, eager to see The Rock in person, but the internet exploded with outrage.

WWE’s YouTube video of the moment has already received over 225,000 dislikes in 10 hours. They’re openly discussing this turn of events and drawing parallels to CM Punk’s situation when The Rock replaced him at a previous WrestleMania.

The Rock Returned to WWE At The Worst Time
The Rock Returned to WWE

Henceforth, YouTube changed its policy and hid the dislikes from videos; only the creator can see the dislikes on a YouTube video now.

Wrestling fans want Cody Rhodes, not The Rock.

It is a dream match, no doubt, but it arrives at the wrong time. If Cody Rhodes won the match last year, do it again this year.

However, WWE made a mistake by having Rhodes lose, and this was the year to correct it.

Instead, it is being taken away and stolen by a selfish Dwayne Johnson, who demonstrates that he only cares about himself. A Rock vs. Roman Reigns match is going to be ugly.

The old WWE and the new WWE are the same, still living in the glory of the past and ignoring the glory of the present that’s right there in front of them.

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