What happened to Barstool Radio? Why did Barstool Radio get canceled?

Barstool Sports, an American blog website and digital media company based in New York City, publishes sports journalism and pop culture content.

David Portnoy owns the business, which he established in Milton, Massachusetts, in 2003.

Barstool’s founder, Portnoy, is an active blogger on the site as the self-proclaimed El Presidente. He is also referred to as “The Mogul” and “Davey Pageviews.”

Barstool has amassed a massive cult following of devoted fans through its blog, podcasts, video series, events, and appearances.

It has 12 million followers, making it the fastest-growing social media brand for men aged 18 to 34.

Barstool and its personalities have launched over 17 successful podcasts, including “Pardon My Take,” “Fore Play,” “The Rundown,” “Zero Blog Thirty,” and “Godfathers,” as well as viral trends like Saturdays Are for the Boys and RIP Harambe.

Barstool has collaborated with Facebook and Snapchat to produce original shows titled “The Starting 9” and “Barstool 5th Year.”

What happened to Barstool Radio
Barstool Radio Canceled

For Super Bowl LI, Barstool made its Comedy Central debut with “The Barstool Rundown: Live from Houston,” which ranked as the top late-night show for four days.

Barstool Sports is a contentious brand that people either love or despise because of its unique perspectives and unfiltered approach to most topics.

In January, the company launched Barstool Radio, a daily two-hour show on Sirius XM. In January 2018, the partnership expanded to a 24-hour channel that will continue to air until January 2021.

Barstool returned to radio in February 2021 with a daily sports betting-themed show titled Barstool Sports: Picks Central, which was distributed by Westwood One.

What happened to Barstool Radio?

Why did Barstool Radio get canceled
Why did Barstool Radio get canceled

Barstool owner Dave Portnoy announced that Barstool Radio would be canceled until further notice. The long-running Barstool show has been halted due to a feud between its hosts and the company’s outspoken owner.

While no concrete reason has been given, the cancellation may be related to the ongoing conflict between Portnoy, Eric Nathan, also known as Nate, and other Barstool talents.

In response to the news, Barstool’s “Viva La Stool” X account posted a video of Nate discussing it with other Barstool employees, lamenting that he “should have gone in there” to save the show by changing the topic of conversation.

Last Monday, Portnoy chastised Nathan, claiming he “has a proven track record of being unable to produce content.” Nathan fought back, saying that “anyone at Barstool can be a star” and asking aloud why he could not be the next one.

On the following “Nate Friday,” Nathan delivered an impassioned monologue directed at Portnoy and Barstool Radio hosts Kelly Keegs and Francis Ellis, among others. “Let us consider how I am at the center of everything I do,” Nathan said.

“Who stole the show, whether it was a tricycle video from 2014, the Dog Show, or the 20th Anniversary Awards, where I roasted the entire company? Was it me?”

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